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The Wisdom of the Passer By

Today is a Day of Conciseness - Along with Unity and Accord - Away from Obscurity

Evil Disguised by a Mask of Compassion

Once upon a time there were three men worshipping together in mutual harmony, praying in submission to Him alone who has no partner, maintaining great faith in His Unity.

Suddenly, a lightening struck the sky.

Each one of them started interpreting this lightening as he desires, and they clashed in opinion; and the disagreement that resulted lasted for several years, during which they used to meet and talk but not as they used to. For, the hearts has grown apart: every one thought that his opinion is the right one.

A passerby stopped at their place once, and they welcomed him in:

He asked them: What is the problem?

They replied: What problem? There is no problem.

He said: don’t you see your faces, what do you worship?

They replied: One God.

Why are you together? He asked,

Because we are fellow brothers, they answered.

No, he said, because your faces speak for you, and your hearts are not pure.

They said in one voice: how could you tell?

Evidently, they had thought that each one of them was hiding his feelings from the other.

So, the passerby said: how could you be worshiping The One, yet allowing guile and discontent to rule what you carry inside towards each other, and however still, you continue talking to each other, yet not opening up to one another?!

The three worshippers grew mystified by this man who is a mere passerby.

He then asked: what is the cause of disagreement?

(He repeated the question Three Times)

They said in one voice: we can hear you, why did you repeat the question three times?

He replied: because you are three, and I am asking each one of you.

Then they admitted: it is the lightening, and they went on explaining what had happened between them, however, once more each one interpreting as he wishes.

So he said to them: oh thy worshippers of The One, Lightening meant that the Sky was going to rain, nothing more than that.

And, had it not been of the passerby, they wouldn’t have realized, or opened up to each other and tried to get things straight.

As for you my dear beloved,

Do not let the illusive matters that occupy the minds of darkness affect your thoughts.

From where do cometh flaw and error, from the interference of thoughts and interpreting them as you desire. Then you feel weakness and more weakness followed by depression and shortage of breath and after that frailty… Then you’ll blame this frustration on the unknown, once more interpreting… And whence the pressure grows bigger and bigger, the image shakes, and the power of evil is permitted in, and so it takes its course and leaves its imprints.

You do not need to feel sorry or regretful about something you did; for, Rightfulness is nourished through adjusting the grammar of actions. And the secret of life is revealed to one the more one approaches the truth which is: being content with reality and why it happened.

Look around you: stress – politics – diplomacy – talks – battles of accumulation  – the punishment of time – events and happenings –  being occupied and directing your soul in accord to the desires and emotions aroused by such multiplicity, forcing it to live in a gloomy atmosphere.


Why this torture?

Living in such gloomy atmosphere produces nothing but fear, terror and panic.

You say: “this is the world, this is how people are.” You will never be freed from them, because it is you who are bringing those to your field.

Despair is a title and Hope is another title...

Frankness is the title of touching upon the matters of things

Do not allow a matter three lines when it could be handled with a line and a period, this is in relation to communication with people.

Leave politics and diplomacy aside when talking to others, this way alone you can overcome your weaknesses and become more insightful about the reality ahead.

Do not allow the pretentiousness that color your surroundings to stain your mindset, and do not interpret the personality of the liar and the pretentious.

For, it is impossible to grasp the language of politics: discourse and harmony, assault and discord…

Honesty is the name of comfort: it brings closer to you men of essence, and it sidesteps the people of great diplomacy, those who disguise the language of evil with a mask of compassion. For, when you speak truthfully and uncompromisingly or smile from the heart, those people’s real character come into view, stripped out of any mystery. 

Let it be clear unto you then:

Everyone has his Limits, and there is nothing more holy than helping people understand their limits through knowing yours and behaving accordingly without any Behavioral Noise or what is else known as diplomacy. Your actions take part in drawing the overall Limits of human experience, and to what point the world wants to reach with its harmful thoughts.

Communication has a resolving point, and the more you draw Limits to your discourse with others, the more your character is strengthened, and the maxim is: no forged niceness or over-expressive terminology.

A “Mowahid”  follows his intuition about people, and he has a piercing eye for authenticity. The periods you spend away from the warmth of home requires the Strength of a Mowahid, do you hear this: The Strength of a Mowahid.

And this strength is begotten through the Power of Will. 

Remember this: Peace of Mind and more Peace of Mind, and avoiding being occupied with every matter (whether small or big)… Do not be attached to the Image of The Other and how the other judge you, carry your own image instead, giving it its rights, otherwise you will run and run, yet never achieve.

Remember, every person has his own capacity to endure. For example, if you feed the vine leaves you want from that to reap better fruits to give to others. But how could the fruits ripen without proper treatment? Then you will neither achieve for yourself nor for others.

So, do not feed your ears and thoughts with the expression “prudence” or “duty”, because it is the stabbing force and the hidden door through which entanglements and other matters of interference creep.

When man holds on to an image or a thought, he starts believing the scenarios that he convinces his self to believe in, and thus, he falls victim to the ideas that he himself montage.  

Let your thoughts revolve around your own happiness, and happiness will not come about unless you give into it your thoughts.