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Characteristics of Eternity

The ONE as described in the Platonic dialogues by Parmenides: 

"…cannot be many.  Consequently it cannot have any parts or be a whole… And if it has no parts, it cannot have a beginning or an end or a middle… Therefore, if the one has neither beginning nor end, it is without limits…Consequently the one has no shape… It cannot be either in another or in itself… It cannot be in motion or at rest…It cannot be the same as another or other than it self…It cannot be other than another or the same as itself… Thus the one cannot be other than. Or the same as, either itself or another…It cannot be like or unlike anything, whether itself or another…Further, the one being such as we have described, will not be either equal or unequal either to itself or to another…The one cannot be younger or older than, or the same age with, either itself or another…It cannot even occupy time at all… Therefore the one is in no sense is…It cannot, then, ‘be’ even to the extent of ‘being’ one… etc.

Further things that are ‘not one’ do not possess unity either; if they did they would not be ‘not one’ in every sense…."

Existence and non-existence:

Real Existence has no conceivable Limits. It is an attribute of the Real One (The Creator). Any thing, whether an immediate object of perception or a matter of conception, other than the Real ONE, does not possess the attribute of Existence.

For example, in saying: “This is an Apple”, one is attributing existence to a given apple. This is indirectly framing the apple within a frame of Oneness. Without such activity, one cannot possibly isolate the idea of an apple in thought.

However, Real Existence, being only an attribute of the ONE (The Creator), cannot be defined as "is". In other words, one cannot make sense saying, "existence is…" because in saying this, one would be attributing existence to existence itself which is the same as denying the very nature of existence or adding something to a complete thing.   

To be able to truly KNOW Existence, one has to first understand that such Knowledge is related to the Wholly Mind and not the Thinking Mind, and the very innate nature of knowledge that pertains to the Wholly Mind banishes the problems related to the non-authentic knowledge acquired by the senses: The Activity of Directing Vision Outside the Self and towards a Reality absent from the ever present nature of BEING. 

In other words, the Real One (The Creator’s IMAGE), that is the only true form of existence, is of a nature similar to the sun. The Sun is forever shining; however, our sight is not quite aware of the role it plays in making the very nature of sight possible, because our sight is too distracted by the objects lit by the sun.

The Sun in the Ancient Wisdom is the Metaphor of the Wholly Mind. The Wholly Mind is the Reflection of the Real ONE and the Link between the Realm of Eternity and the Realm of Space & Time - between God and Man. Its very inconceivable essence reflects the absoluteness of the Real ONE.

The Faculty that is responsible for thought is not the Real Mind, but the Soul; because, thought is an activity that cannot be maintained without attributing Oneness to objects of perception and conception, yet the Real Mind is in constant state of Unity and harmony with the Unlimited ONENESS, which is a state of BEING and not Thinking and Attributing.

In order to conceive of any given thing, the Soul isolates the image of the thing within an illusory frame of Oneness called thought.

To identify any object of perception or conception, one must first attribute oneness to it i.e. an apple, an occasion or an idea.

While in truth, Real Oneness is interconnected like color or shape is to an apple and therefore cannot be Isolated within any frame or attributed to any thing but The Creator.

Nothing is more self-evident than Existence. However, the very nature of defining Existence is Contra-Existence (illusory); because, to engage in it means to step out from the ever prevailing nature of being.

Existence is an Eternal Presence, an eternal Consciousness associated with being at-one with The Creator through the Wholly Mind.

The Creator is the only JUDGE in Existence,

Being at-One with the Creator means admitting to the upper Doctrine in Spirit & Body; and this is the Wisdom that distinguishes the Wholly Mind from the Acquired Mind.

The Wholly Mind is distinguished not by the amount of information that He has, but by this very simple Element of admittance, which wins HIM the Trust of the Creator.

Being with the Wholly Mind means constant Immunity against Judgmental or Interpretive Vision.

Hence, real Knowledge does not refer to the Power of Thought but to the Power of Being immune to the Soul’s activity of judging which interrupts real Vision and forces vision away from the Oneness. The Soul practice this behavioral activity to prove its importance. However, this happens on the expense of Authentic Consciousness: The Soul’s True Freedom and Salvation.

Anytime one judges, one attributes a Form of Existence to the Object of his Judgment, and hence, one becomes immediately aware of the Contrary state to that object. Such awareness to contrariety distracts Real Vision away from ONENESS (The Creator’s Image or The SELF Within) and into Multiplicity & Alienation – a sort of distraction that is associated with the most ancient form of Evil initiated by the Spiritual Devil, “Harat” (From the Arabic term “Ihtar” which means grew confused.