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Being =quals SIGHT

Look around you, everything you perceive in your surrounding is a mirror-image of who you are.

What effaces you from Good or Evil is a reflection of choices you have made and you continue to make on the level of Thought.

When you entertain negative thoughts, you are only shaping your own destiny. You cannot possibly carry harm towards others into an extreme more authentic than the harm you experience immediately on all levels the minute you host negativity in your thought.

This is because the nature of Being is most similar to the nature of Sight. And when you See harm being practiced even against your enemy, harm becomes part of your being.

Each person undeniably must at one point or another experience a Moment of Truth. One can decide to avoid fire by simply running away from it.  However, one cannot possibly run away from the reality that he builds through his own thoughts.

It doesn’t matter at whom the negativity of those thoughts are directed, the fact remains that negativity equals negativity in the Final Perspective of the Ancient SEER in you.

One day you will look at your face in the mirror and discover that what you see is more than a face – what you see is a reflection of the world that you built by your own thoughts.

At that point, those negative thoughts that you have carried against others will speak to you in the voices of your tough conditions, your hard circumstances – your very physical reality.

You will wonder why the world has grown so dark around you. You will try to separate yourself from the scene you have created and search back for the vantage point that you once believed it shields you from the dark world you take pleasure in controlling, but what you will realize is that you are inside the scene, and the fire you once thought you can stage is so real that it is burning you.