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Behold, the Battle Lies Within You
Nothing is New Under the Sun

The term “Wisdom” never referred to a specific religion, philosophy, or text. And despite all the battles that took place in history in the name of GOD, the true “Wisdom” of the Almighty has always hinted at the hidden battle taking place inside the Soul: The answer to Peace thus lies in that part of YOU which ultimately either responds to the Light of the Image of God reflected by ADAM (The Wholly Mind) or shuns away from it.

The Wisdom of the Wholly Mind & the Wholly Soul is the spirit of every body of knowledge, it is the Sun of every branch of Adamic thought since time eternal, and even prior to the monotheistic journey of this conclusive cycle.

No man can deny that every divine message that ever existed was introduced under the SUN & not above it. It was introduced for the sake of man on earth and not man in heaven or some etheric realm beyond the MIND’s ability to conceive.

Every human experience, no matter how Holy, have spoken the language of ADAM & not some Unknown language.

So, beware, every spiritual battle ever spoken of between Existence & Non-existence, Knowledge & Ignorance, Good & Evil, Light & Darkness has always taken form on earth, if only you could remember the legendary events that took place in the lost continents of Atlantis & Gemorah and that characterized the spiritual tendencies of the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness for tens of thousands of years.