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"Aris-the-Cause" (Aristotle) on Time

“Being neither prior nor posterior means to be in one and the same now, things which happened ten thousand years ago would be simultaneous with what has happened to-day, and nothing would be before and after anything else” Phyisics217/25

“When the state of our minds does not change at all, or we have not noticed its changing, we do not realize that time has elapsed, any more than those who are fabled to sleep …When they are awakened…they will connect the earlier ‘now’ with the later and make them one, cutting out the interval because of their failure to notice it. If, then, the non-realization of the existence of time happens to us when we do not distinguish any change, but the soul seems to stay in one indivisible state, and when we perceive or distinguish we say time has elapsed…”  Physics218/20-30