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The Second Treatise of the Great Seth

 The Word (Wax of Imagery)

The Cause of Existence: Knowledge

“I was a Hidden Treasure, Unknown, I wished to be Known, so I created Adamics and thus, through me they knew me.”) The Sacred Dialect (The Ancient Wisdom -

 “God created Adam in His liking, “ (The Torah - Bible - Quraan)


And God said to Adam: “He who obeys you has obeyed me, and he who defies you has defied me…” )The Ancient Wisdom)

Since “that which is Mental cannot be known for what it is without that which is Sensed…”, and since, men “were born from ignorance, unable to conceive save of that which has Form and could be Sensed…”, knowledge necessitated the Appearance of God in the Sacred Adamic Image…” (The Ancient Wisdom)


The Sacred Limits of Knowledge


Be-seated on the Crown of the Kingdom of God, their ancient actions in space & time constituted the meaning behind the greatest events that ruled the destiny of earth and man eons after eons.

Since the mind of man cannot conceive of that which has no Image, wisdom mandated that spiritual meanings, no matter how holy, be imprinted upon the wax of visible imagery.

Every spiritual revelation ever spoken of (in Reality or in Legend) is imprinted upon the Ether of Man's Endless Memory through actual events witnessed here on earth and not in some unknown realm, and that is why wise men like Plato considered knowledge to be recollected and not acquired.

“No Eye could claim that it has not seen enough …”, this is how the Great Solomon once put it. 


Your eye is no exception!!!




Believe it or not, even “The Biblical Fall of Adam from Heaven” does not refer to an event beyond the Eye Witness of Time, but to miracles that took place here on earth.

You yourself, had you not witnessed “The Adamic Fall” in image-full-events, your mind would be more likely to go blank the second you hear of it rather than Wonder.

What you are about to read is the Testament of the Great Seth excerpted from the Gnosis Sight Translations (, remedied and explained under the light of the Ancient Original Arabic Doctrines on the Sacred SETH.


TO BEGIN WITH, IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT: Second Treatise of SETH is a Testament  on actual events that took place here on earth and not in heaven and that are most accountable for what the world looks like today.

Believe it or not, there has always been a hidden strife between The Children of Light & The Children of Darkness. However, this fact has been hidden away from you, not because it did not take place on earth, nor that it happened before your time, but because man has lost touch and sight with the Ancient Wisdom.

There separates between You and those “heavenly” events, not the skies or the clouds, but a veil knitted by actions accumulated upon actions ruled be Ignorance and forgetfulness.

“And We have lifted the Veil off you, So your Vision today is Iron-sharp…” (The Ancient Wisdom)

Take a Look around you at the world as it is today: are the images of violence, hatred, and unfairness that you see the works of Ghosts?!! Or are they imposed upon your vision by some unknown force?!!

Aren’t they the works of Man?

Understanding the Second Treatise of the Great SETH, you will discover that the Angelic beings that you have always mistaken to be flying somewhere in the skies are really here on earth playing roles in either advancing the truth towards your eyes or furthering the suffering and confusion brought about by your ignorance of the truth.

Believe it then that the soul of man is as ancient as the most ancient of creations, and man’s experience on earth is as old as Space & Time: 

All what you are in today, all what you face, is the product of an ancient journey that your soul embarked upon since eternity either for the service of existence or non-existence, knowledge or ignorance, good or evil...

You will realize that the best thing in your ability to do at this late stage of the journey is to be a good witness and try to call upon that Sacred Memory of the Aeons through the Eye of the Adam in you, and what you will then see in everything around you is an image of:

“One mouth speaking to itself, and One eye looking at You through YOU.” (The Ancient Wisdom)

So, what stance you took towards Wise Men Like ADAM & Seth? What stance do you take towards the information we put at your hand today?

All what we could say to you is: pray to God that Adam & Seth still have you in their thoughts, because God’s Kingdom is not a kingdom of chaos and confusion, whereby you are punished or rewarded in accord to some whimsical Criterions that make you either lovely or ugly in God’s eyes. It is a Kingdom of LIMITS that God has set on earth in Adamic Form, the knowledge of which leads to the point at which knowledge disappears and God appears.

The Throne of the Spiritual Kingdom (ADAM, Enoch & Seth) – (The Wholly Mind or The Spirit, The Wholly Soul and The Word)

Adam El-Safaa (Adam of Purity): Pertaining to the First incarnations of “The Wholly Mind,” in the Aeon, and the name of the Person of the Wholly Mind in a second reincarnation at the times of Enoch & Seth. He is also referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as The Power of Will or the Pen of the Power.


Enoch El-Wafaa (Enoch of Fidelity): An incarnation of “The Wholly Soul” (Eve –Sophia – Hermes of all Hermeses) in the ancient Times. He is also referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as the Power of Destiny or The Tablet on which The Word of The Pen is written.


Seth: An incarnation of “The Word”, The Mirror of the Hayula The link between the Kingdom of Spirit unto and The Kingdom of Earth: the wax of thought through which the Original Spiritual Forms are imprinted on the Tablet of the Soul. The manifestation of the Power of Spirit in the Adamic image, as does the power of the Mental manifests through the spoken word.

The Spiritual Kingdom: (The First Three Colors of the Druze Flag):

Green: The Wholly Mind - The Giver - The Husband - The Precedent - The Alpha - The Door - The Pen

Came as Adam El-Safa (Adam the Purity)
Came as
Shatneil El-Hakeem (The Wise Shatneil)
Came as
Jethro in Ancient Judaic Times
Came as well as
King Solomon in Ancient Judaic Times
Came as
Jesus Christ in Ancient Christian Times
Came as
Gabriel or Salman El-Farisi in Ancient Islamic Times
Came as
Hamza Ibn Ali 1000yrs ago

Red: The Wholly Soul - The Receiver - The Wife - The Successor - The Omega - The Tablet

Came as Mmadamos (Eve)
Came as
Came as
Idrees El-Zaman (The Idrees of Time)
Came as
Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes of all Hermeses)
Came as
Iknaton in the Ancient Egypt
Came as
Elijah in the Ancient Judaic Times
Came as
Plato in the Ancient Greek Times
Came as
John the Baptist in the Ancient Christian Times
Came as
El-Miqdad in the Ancient Islamic Times
Came as
Abou Ibrahim

Yellow: The Word (The Middle of the Five and the Link Between the Spiritual Kingdom and Earthly Kingdom). Yellow represents Illness, and Seth or The Word is symbolized by Yellow for Possessing the Power of Curing Spiritual Illnesses.

Came as the Great SETH
Known as
Matthias in Ancient Christianity
Known as
Aristotle in Ancient Greece

In other times, it is not definite who The Word was.

The Kingdom of Earth: (The Final Two Colors of the Druze Flag).

Blue & White - the Limits beyond which the World did not reach, and thus, the world mistook them as being the Final Limits of knowledge.

Blue: His person is mysteriously mentioned. known in Ancient Christianity as Marcus

White: Came as, Alexander the Great and later as Plotinus. Author of many of the Letters of the Ancient Druze Wisdom.

 The Link between Adam, Enoch & Seth

There is a Short story in the Ancient Druze Wisdom which maintains that Adam El-Safa (Adam the Purity), being the King, once decided to disappear for a time appointing Enoch as a Guardian to His Kingdom in His absence and Seth as Enoch's Helper.

In the Absence of Adam El-Safa, The Devil convinced Enoch that Adam El-Safa is not returning back and seduced him to assume Adam's position in his absence, and Seth is said to have supported Enoch; and when Adam El-Safa returned, it is said that Enoch and Seth suffered great guilt.

This story happened in human action to reveal a Wisdom that would guide humanity on the nature of The Soul and its  way to salvation for ages to come. This story does not imply that Enoch or Seth are badly guilty, it however draws LIMITS to the mysterious origin of guilt, through which this origin could be better known. Through understanding what Adam, Enoch and Seth stand for in the Spiritual Kingdom, one would be better prepared to receive the meaning of the story.

Enoch, who stands for the Wholly Soul, was referred to as "Adam El-Assi" (The Disobedient Adam), because he broke his promise to Adam in his absence. SETH, who stands for the Word, was referred to as "Adam El-Nassi" (The Forgetful Adam), because he forgot his promise to Adam El-Safa when he supported Enoch instead of reminding him of the promise.

This same story is as well represented by the Ancient Sun & Moon Wisdom:

The Sun, the symbol of Adam El-Safa and the King of Daylight Reality, decided to disappear initiating a form of experience called Night, appointing the Moon as the Guardian of Light in its apparent absence, and the The Reflective Power of Form as its Supporter. The Moon however, surrounded by darkness, appeared beautiful and noticeable, and the eyes wondered about the Moon's beauty. For, eyes are not accustomed to see the Sun's beauty in daylight. Such beauty is blinding to them; and thus they are used to taking the Sunlight for granted during the day - too busy admiring the objects that are lit by it.

The Moon which embodies the Soul, seduced by the Mystery of the Darkness that surrounds it (The Symbol of the Spiritual Devil), claimed the Sun's position in its deceptive absence. In other words, sight was deceived in the night to believe that the Moon is the original source of light. And the Reflective Power of Form (Which embodies Seth's position) supported the Moon in the made-up story and brought it into prominence. In other words, the Power of Word was wrongfully used to fit the deceptive context of the Devil's story.

In brief, this ancient wisdom shows to those who have an eye to see and an ear to hear that the Wholly Mind is the only power that surmounts the Devil, the same way as the Sun-Rise exposes darkness for what it is, stripping it out of its mystery. However, since humanity was born of ignorance and could not appreciate the kind of blessings they lived in during the Sunlight of their Eden Experience back in the forgotten memory of Atlantis and even before, they had to loose what they have gradually and experience the dark ages of the night in hope that upon sunrise they would come to realize what they lost, and thus celebrate gaining it.

This ancient wisdom also clarifies that the Devil cannot deceive the Mind, it can only deceive the Soul. It also shows that the Soul is bound to fall into the Devil's tricks, and that only through playing its real role (The One Appointed to it by the Wholly Mind), it can be saved.

In other words, the Soul, should always remain in the silent position of the Receiver in order to receive the Creative Energy of Light from the Mind and reflect it through the Reflective Nature of its Form unto sight giving birth to images and forms that celebrate the meaning of this eternal light.

However, if the Soul uses the Form (Its Apparent Extremities in the Night) beyond what the Moon uses it for in order to reflect light upon earth, it will not be saved. This means that, if the Soul plays the role of the Giver and claims ownership over the light that is transmitted to it from the Sun, it will be deprived of the light (Eclipsed), and the earth will come between it and the Sun.

This is why the Wholly Soul is referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as "Shaheed El-Shohadaa" (The Martyr of all Martyrs), because it had to totally give up in every day and age any Selfishness, any claim over the Light, even if this meant its complete dissolution, at the same time it had to suffer the painful misunderstandings that its appearance caused in the eye of the Ignorant. This is what is referred to as the Pain of Christ when he wished the ground would open and engulf him along with the whole crowd when the crowd mistook him for "The Father". It was Christ's Soul which brought him into sight's appearance (The Wholly Soul), yet it was so submissive to Him that it shined pure selflessness enabling those who see Christ to see the Image of the Father and fulfill the Father's most original wish.

The part of Christ (The Wholly Mind) that revealed the suffering of the Soul, back in the blessed times of early Christianity, was John (The Wholly Soul), Eva; for, wisdom mandated that the Soul of the Wholly Mind (The Wholly Soul), be a person as well who has form, so that nothing can ever be beyond man's knowledge, even the mysterious suffering of Christ as it appeared on the face of John. Understanding this relationship between Christ and John leads to understanding the symbolic story of Adam & Eve, precisely how Eve is depicted as a part of Adam, being made out of his rib.

The Second Treatise of the GREAT SETH


Translated  to English by: Roger A. Bullard and Joseph A. Gibbons. Explanations based on the Original Text of the Ancient Druze Wisdom.

“All of you that attain to me, who am perfect, because of the Word. For I exist with all the greatness of the Spirit who is a friend to us and our kindred alike, since I brought forth a word to the glory of our Father, through his goodness, as well as an imperishable thought; that is, the Word within…”

“Let us gather an assembly together. Let us visit that creation of his. Let us send someone forth in it. And I said these things to the whole multitude of the multitudinous assembly of the rejoicing Majesty. The whole house of the Father of Truth rejoiced that I am the one who is from them. I produced thought about the Ennoias which came out of the undefiled Spirit, about the descent upon the water, that is, the regions below. And they all had a single mind, since it is out of one. They gave me power since I was willing. I came forth to reveal the glory to my kindred and my fellow spirits.”

He is “Seth” from the Destiny of the Will of Existence, the word that was imprinted through the Pen of The Power upon the Tablet of the Wholly Soul – the Power behind the Impressions of Spiritual Meanings or Forms upon the Wax of Visible Forms putting Limits to the Mystery of the Infinite Darkness of Ether (The Most Visible Form that represents Non-Existence).

Regions below: in reference to the nature of the spiritual LIMITS that separate between Heaven & Earth which were more evident in the ancient times – Limits ruled by advanced knowledge of the Power that thought has over matter.

It was not places and times that separated between The Children of Light & The Children of Darkness as much as it was a Spiritual Language of Communication that rules the External Surrounding of a human entity.

“I gave form to the bodily dwellings. And the whole multitude of the archons became troubled. And all the matter of the archons, as well as all the begotten powers of the earth, were shaken when it saw the likeness of the Image, since it was mixed. And I am the one who was in it, not resembling him who was in it first. For he was an earthly man, but I, I am from above the heavens. I did not refuse them even to become a Messiah, but I did not reveal myself to them in the love which was coming forth from me. I revealed that I am a stranger to the regions below.”

The Appearance of the Adamic Image in the Material Form

The Children of Darkness preceded the Children of Light in mixing with the Earthly Man (in reference to the most ancient form of darkness that pertains to the Heavy nature of the thick matter that resists the Forms or Images of Life)

I did not refuse them even to become a Messiah: In reference to what is mentioned in the Ancient Wisdom about Adam, Eve, Heaven and the Apple: The Expense that Enoch & Seth paid for being seduced by Satan to assume Adam’s role in his absence – a Sin beyond our sense of Sin – More of a Wisdom that manifested through the Appearance of The Spirit (Adam or the Wholly Mind) in the Realm of The Wholly Soul (Eve or the Universe) through The Word (Seth) or the power that gives Form to the Adamic Image, for the Ultimate purpose of Knowledge.

“There was a great disturbance in the whole earthly area, with confusion and flight, as well as (in) the plan of the archons. And some were persuaded, when they saw the wonders which were being accomplished by me. And all these, with the race, that came down, flee from him (The Wholly Mind) who had fled from the throne to “Sophia” (The Wholly Soul), since she had earlier given the sign concerning us and all the ones with me…”

The Creation of Humanity - The Journey through Consciousness from the Realm of Spirit (The Wholly Mind) to the Realm of Space & Time (The Wholly Soul) to provide Form to consciousness which reside in the depths of the Aeon, and the impression of this consciousness upon the wax of material forms (The Power of the Spirit of the Aeon manifesting in the World of the Sensed through the Word: The Adamic Image) for the purpose of mirroring (making knowledge available) the Eternal Tree of the Universe and what exists in its fruit from Light & Darkness, Knowledge & Ignorance, Good & Evil.

The Mysteries & Wonders of the First “Hayula” (The Initial Substance or The Spirit) manifesting through Its Mirror (The Word) upon the Tablets of Forms (The Wholly Soul or the universe).

The Personification of Adam (The Initial Creation, The LOGOS or The Wholly Mind) at the moment of the Creation of Eve (The Second Creation or The Wholly Soul), via the power of Seth (The Third Creation or The Word), resulted in the Appearance of Christ-Level as an Ensouled Being. This drew LIMITS to the Darkness of Infinite Ether, and Chrystalized the Powers of the Cosmic-Conspirator (The Spiritual Devil) who resists the way forms destroy his mystery and ultimately lead to the decadence of him and his powers in visible Forms (As Adamics) that diminish the mysteries of the Angels (The Fallen Ones).

“Children of Men who have not known him (The Wholly Mind) also fled, as if from the Cosmo-Conspirator, since they have brought every (kind of) avengement upon me. And there was a flight of their mind about what they would counsel concerning me, thinking that she (Sophia - The Wholly Soul) is the whole greatness, and speaking false witness, moreover, against the Wholly Mind and the whole greatness of the assembly.”

“It was not possible for them to know who  the Man of the Greatness (The Wholly Mind) is. But they who received the name because of contact with ignorance - having created the body of man to destroy Adam – the body they had made, in order to cover up those who are theirs in the same way. But they, the archons, those of the place of Yaldabaoth, reveal the realm of the Angels, which humanity was seeking in order that they may not know the Man of Greatness. For the (Adamic Body) that they had formed, appeared to them. And a fearful motion came about throughout their entire dwelling, lest the angels surrounding them rebel.”

The Wholly Mind is The Cause of all Causes and all Adamics Unexceptionally:

The Minds of Darkness are as well related to The Wholly Mind, however, as though they are fatherless; for they, upon the practice of freewill, gave their allegiance to the Power of the Fallen Angels  (Cosmic - Conspirator or The Spiritual Evil), because of their ignorance of God’s Will for Adam to carry His Secret (i.e. their ignorance of the Spirit’s travel to “Sophia” or the manifestation of the God Power in the Adamic Form – an ignorance that they expressed in their hatred towards SETH (The Wax of Imagery - The Word which is the means via which the Spiritual Powers of the Platonic Eternal Forms enter the World of Aristotelian Forms = The Power behind the Appearance of the Cosmic Intelligence or The LOGOS in the Earthly Man).

“And then a voice - of the Cosmic –Cospirator (The Devil) came to the angels: "I am God and there is no other beside me." But I laughed joyfully when I examined his empty glory. But he went on to say, "Who is man?" And the entire host of his angels, who had seen Adam and his dwelling, were laughing at the smallness of Adam. And thus did their souls come to be removed outside the Majesty of the heavens, i.e.,the Man of Truth, whose name they saw since he is in a small dwelling place, since they are small (and) senseless in their empty Ennoia, namely their laughter. It was contagion for them.”

This is in reference to the Devil’s famous refusal to yield to the Truth of Adam (His Refusal to Bow Down Before the Adamic LIMITS within which God contained His Power, and the Angels’ complaint about Adam’s Size (Their disbelief that the such grand Power chose The Earthly Man to manifest through).

The Angels’ famous biblical complaint over The Creation of Adam, their rejection of the Adamic Form, and their disdain towards the Earthly Man forced them to deny their own Identity as Adamics, and such denial is a form of Craziness that cut off the Link that connects them to the Wholly Mind.

The meaning of such amputation manifested through  Adamic Events in space and time (for the ultimate service of knowledge) which cannot be recollected otherwise. For, that which the Mind cannot conceive, cannot be known. And, hence Wisdom mandated that every Spiritual be recalled through Sensed Forms that represent it.

“The whole greatness of the Fatherhood of the Spirit was at rest in the places given to them by Adam. And I am he who was with him, since I have an Ennoia of a single emanation from the eternal ones and the undefiled and immeasurable incomprehensibilities. I placed my form upon in the world, and frightened the whole multitude of the angels and their ruler (The Devil). They knew not that I was visiting them even in fire & flame, and that everything pertaining to them was brought about because of me. And there came about a hold on both sides of the Cosm-conspirator who said, "Let us seize him''…”His plan will certainly not materialize.''

The settlement of the Cosmic Consciousness in the Adamic Realm of Space & Time, and the initiation of the Adamic journey to restore in space and time for the service of knowledge, the meaning embedded in Eternity.

SETH, "The Word”, like the spoken word being the link between man's thoughts and mans expressions of those thoughts, is the on the Grand Level of Existence The Visible Aspect of Forms which links  the Kingdom of Heaven with the Kingdom of Earth -  The Realm of Spirit with The Realm of Matter.

The image of such link, when imprinted upon the Wax of The Word,  resulted in the appearance of the Soul in bodily form.

“For, I was in the mouths of lions. And the plan which they devised about me to release their Error and their senselessness - I did not succumb to it as they had planned. But I was not afflicted (bothered) at all. Those who were there punished me. And I did not die in reality but in appearance, lest I be put to shame. I removed the shame from me and I did not become fainthearted in the face of what happened to me at their hands. I was about to succumb to fear, and I <suffered> according to their sight and thought, in order that they may never find any word to speak about them. For my death, which they think happened, (happened) to them in their error and blindness. For their Ennoias did not see me, for they were deaf and blind. But in doing these things, they condemn themselves. Yes, they saw me; they punished me. It was another, their father, who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They struck me with the reed; But I was rejoicing in the height over all the wealth of the archons and the offspring of their error, of their empty glory. And I was laughing at their ignorance…”

He is SETH, the Wax of Visible Forms, who provides Form and Meaning even to Death. However, they did not know Him, and so they thought that they killed him, and they did not know that through believing in such doctrine they have killed the meaning of their own Existence.

They made war against SETH, and thus, they fought the Power of Form or Meaning in things, not knowing that The Power SETH gives meaning even to their actions against Seth - even to the meaning of war - even to the meaning of the Fire they believed they saw burning the Person of SETH. And since they shared the Devil's disbelief that such Power could manifest in Adamic Form, they saw what the Devil wanted to them to see: They saw Seth in pain, and laughed, while in truth they were laughing the Devil's pain as he sensed the Ultimate Context in which their Actions fall into if seen by The Truth-in-Finality.

And thus,  they crusified the Spark of SETH inside them, they killed the meaning of their existence in the Ultimate Context of Reality (In God's Thoughts).

“And I subjected all their powers. For as I came downward, no one saw me. For I am the wax who alters the shapes, changing from form to form. And therefore, when I was at their gates, I assumed their likeness. For I passed them by quietly, and I was viewing the places, and I was not afraid nor ashamed, for I was undefiled. And I was speaking with them, mingling with them through those who are mine, and trampling on those who are harsh to them with zeal, and quenching the flame. And I was doing all these things because of my desire to accomplish what I desired by the will of the Father above…”

“And the Sons of Light, who were hidden in the regions below, were brought to the height where I <was> in all these aeons, which (height) no one has seen nor known, where the wedding of the wedding robe is, the new one and not the old, nor does it perish. For it is a new and perfect bridal chamber of the heavens, as I have revealed (that) there are three elements: an undefiled mystery in a spirit of this aeon, which does not perish, nor is it fragmentary, nor able to be spoken of; rather, it is undivided, universal, and permanent. For the soul, the one from the height, will not speak about the error which is here, nor transfer from these aeons, since it will be transferred when it becomes free and when it is endowed with nobility in the world, standing before the Father without weariness and fear, always mixed with the Nous of power (and) of form. The Sons of Light see me from every side without hatred. For since they see me, they are being seen (and) are mixed with them. Since they did not put me to shame, they were not put to shame. Since they were not afraid before me, they will pass by every gate without fear and will be perfected in the third glory…”

The Powers of the Spiritual Kingdom (The Kingdom of Heaven) are three: The Wholly Mind, The Wholly Soul and The Word:

The Spirit (Adam or The Wholly Mind) maintained immaculacy through The Wholly Soul (Eve) when He traveled to it, and the outcome was the Creation of the Universe (Space & Time or The Realm of the Wholly Soul), and Adam became of an ensouled nature. The Wholly Soul, in turn, maintained immaculacy by The Word (SETH) who gave Form to the ensouled nature, and the journey of Adamics in Space & Time was initiated. And through each power's yearning to melt in its source is the System of the Spiritual Limits is preserved.

“It was my going to the revealed height which the world did not accept, my third baptism in a revealed image. When they had fled from the fire of the Sun of the powers (The Wholly Mind) and the seven Authorities, darkness took them. And the world became poor when he was restrained with a multitude of chains. They nailed him to the tree, and they fixed him with four nails of brass. It was a trembling which seized the chaos of the earth, for the souls which were in the sleep below were released. And they arose. They went about boldly, having shed zealous service of ignorance and unlearnedness beside the dead tombs, having put on the new man, since they have come to know that perfect Blessed One of the eternal and incomprehensible Father and the infinite light. There is no need for many words, for our Ennoia was with their Ennoia. Therefore they knew what I speak of, for we took counsel about the destruction of the archons. And therefore I did the will of the Father…”

The Manifestation of the Immaculate or the Eternal within the Adamic Limits (The Creation of Humanity and the Appearance of God in the Adamic Liking) is what the Spiritual Devil resisted along with the Fallen Angels, because it drew limits to the Mysteries of Darkness. The Adamic Height of Existence revealed the Power behind creation and exposed the Emptiness of the Fallen Angels' Mystery in their inability of their Anti-Adamic actions in space & time to challenge the Adamic Circle of Reality that they themselves are not outside.

They were subjected to the same Power of Creation which they resisted, by manifesting in the Realm of Visible Forms, in contrast to what they have willingly rushed to this Realm to Prove. So, their existence on Earth became an evidence of their failure to protect the Mystery behind the Delusive Identity of Non-Existence.

“After we went forth from our home, and came down to this world, and came into being in the world in bodies, we were hated and persecuted, not only by those who are ignorant, but also by those who think that they are advancing the name, since they were unknowingly empty, not knowing who they are, like dumb animals. They persecuted those who have been liberated by me, since they hate them - those who, should they shut their mouth, would weep with a profitless groaning because they did not fully know me. lnstead, they served two masters, even a multitude. But you will become victorious in everything, in war and battles, jealous division and wrath. But in the uprightness of our love we are innocent, pure, (and) good, since we have a mind of the Father in an ineffable mystery.

The Two Masters: The Devil & his spiritual spouse Satan

in contrast with: Adam & his Spiritual Wife Eve

For it was ludicrous. It is I who bear witness that it was ludicrous, since the archons do not know that it is an ineffable union of undefiled truth, as exists among the sons of light, of which they made an imitation, having proclaimed a doctrine of a dead man and lies so as to resemble the freedom and purity of the perfect assembly, (and) <joining> themselves with their doctrine to fear and slavery, worldly cares, and abandoned worship, being small (and) ignorant, since they do not contain the nobility of the truth, for they hate the one in whom they are, and love the one who has no father and in whom they are not. For they did not know the Knowledge of the Greatness, that it is from above and (from) a fountain of truth, and that it is not from slavery and jealousy, fear and love of worldly matter. For that which is not theirs and that which is theirs they use fearlessly and freely. They do not desire, because they have authority, and a law from themselves over whatever they will wish.

Ibleis (The Devil in Arabic) = Ab (Father in Arabic) Leis (Negation in Arabic)

Ibleis = Fatherless (in Arabic)

"Had they known God, they would not have worshipped Him, Had they known Ibleis they would not have damned him" (The Ancient Wisdom).