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Too Distracted by the Frame

Happiness is scenes, and the Will is the frame that surmounts them. If you focus on the scenes, you will find what you are looking for. 

As for trying to frame the Will itself, it is a work that surpasses the Highest Adamic LIMIT (The Wholly Mind), and thus, it falls into the flawed workings of the Soul: Thought… Analysis…Imagination…Interpretation…

Any state of soul, no matter how positive it may be, when subjected to those workings, is automatically threatened by the contrary state: The Threat of it not being real which competes directly with the happiness that constitute it. 

Thus, to attempt to frame the Will that is responsible for what the Soul experiences, ultimately leads to imagining Impotence (Powerlessness or Inability to perform any action); and what starts as a mere conception or as an imagination, ends up as a state that the soul can hardly escape: Fate.

Only true happiness, which is a form of Uninterrupted Sight, is capable of erasing the spell of the mysteries that surround the scene from.

The Wholly MIND is the Frame of God’s Will, and it is privileged by this exclusiveness for the simple fact that He allows not for the Frame of his own existence (The Wholly Soul) to come between Him and the Sight of God’s Image.

To be distracted by the Frame away from the SIGHTS is a state of blindness to GOD. It springs from the Devil’s Original Misunderstanding of the Role of the Wholly MIND (Adam) that lead the Devil to see GOD in the personality of the Wholly MIND.

“I Am not here for you to Worship me, but to worship the FATHER”

“He who Knows the difference between Me and the FATHER will be saved from the Contagious Causes and Religious Problems that ultimately lead to Eternal Death…” (The Wholly Mind’s “Jesus Christ’s” Testimony in the Ancient Wisdom).

Yes, this is the story of a World that is too busy playing the Role of the Savior to receive the blessings of being truly Saved. This is the story of a World that failed to see the Simplicity of the Truth that inspired Jesus Christ’s Actions and instead fell Victim to the Greatness behind those Actions.