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To You who Suffers in the Name of Truth

There comes at time in a Mowhid’s Life when he/she faces a dangerous turn where he finds himself deeply insecure about that which distinguishes him from non-mowahideen. This feeling may develop into a deep sense of guilt, whereby the negative current of thought may absorb him/her and threaten his will to ever make peace with His Identity or with El-Hikma (His Faith).

To this Mowahid who punishes Himself and Suffers, we say:

Those states that you are going through are not clean – meaning that they are not "God Punishing You” or “El-Hdoud are Burning You”. It is a phase that is not all bad and which you will come out of stronger if you learn how to listen to the right voice and ignore the scorning one, which is often a pressure inflicted upon you by the Negative Current of Thought that aims at ridding you of color, sight, identity - aims at weakening the element of spirit in you.

From here, you have to understand that the more you go deep into El-Hikma and understand its secrets the more you find yourself facing a deeper form of Negative Interference.

So, what is the Good in all that?

It offers you a chance to discover the Eternal Joys of WILL-POWER. You will discover that happiness is not a prize it is about discovering your SELF and how the hidden power of the Spirit in you can transfer Fear into Comfort and benefit even from the worse that could happen.

It should comfort you to know at such times that Your Tawhid is authentic.

You need to be content with this truth and stay away from mind-clatter: Remember that you are young and you have the right to be dis-eased and to judge your self thoroughly. You are not required to be a Sheikh or to memorize texts in order to have faith in your soul's destiny.


What is it doing inside you? Banish it, Banish it…

Free yourself from illusions that come and go and seek help from the Authentic Mind.

And in the case of instability and the feeling of weakness, you are to transform the path slowly through concentrating on calling upon the wisdom that can explain why what happened happened, in a more precise and lucid manner.

And once such wisdom is revealed, there is no longer what calls for dis-ease in matters, because patience is not about tolerating pain or growing used to pain as part of reality. Authentic patience springs forth from one’s Love of Knowledge – one’s faith that there is a Higher Good (A Wisdom) behind what is taking place currently, even if it appears “bad” and one’s yearning to take pleasure in this wisdom.

Leave the manner of wondering deep and long about the past and seek illumination from the Authentic Mind; and “El-Muzakara” (The Dialect that Takes form among the Brethen) is highly important.

Let things out, why the silence?

Do not let hesitation join you and enter with the thought. Do not worry, do as your mind and heart tell you, nothing is too wrong to be altered except the Paralyzing Fear of Being Wrong as it Leaves its Imprints upon your Soul here & now and Promises for More. Believe in intuition and most of all trust in your self.

Change the position you are in?

Yes move in Space and Time. It is not enough to move in your thoughts;

This is the Illusion of Man Kind, their tendency to isolate the Mental Ether from the Ether of the world outside them as if they have discovered that formula which links thought with matter and have lost faith in it, and hence whenever they are down, they cannot settle for anything short of Magic as a message from God.

Realize that acting in Space and Time is not a Sin in the Dictionary of the Spirit, because Space and Time is the representation of the Spiritual Concept: POSSIBILITY.

Any simple action you take in space and time when you are being attacked by thoughts (Like taking a walk for instance) is better than the greatest mental settlements.

Share your darkest thoughts with whom you trust, and be an open book. Do not entertain any wonderment or any thought that forces you to carry the heavy burden of guilt alone. Do not be afraid of what they may think of you, because fear makes a bigger victim out of you.

Participate, Speak out, there is no need to remain silent, even if you are thinking of doubt itself.


Thought in its nature never stops; and, like ocean waves, it often throws man far and away and might not bring him back to the safety shore.

Meanwhile, if you were to share your thoughts, you can keep moving them until you arrive at some form of wisdom – a happy experience on earth that can help erase the negative energies of those sad ones that you went through.

And if the state of thought is to worsen, you are to be patient and to wait as much as possible to curtail it; and do not worry, throughout time the situation will change and you will grow more immune, because the heart is clean and the spirit is true and sanctified and you are a saint being immersed more and more in Tawhid.

Yes, you!

Do not find this strange, rather believe in it, and you have to believe and have faith in this truly.  

Self-assurance, Self-assurance is the key.

You have to endure, in other words: strengthening the ability to remain calm in order to benefit from matters and receive the call that will determine your next move, and not to be in a hurry and always demanding the new.

Step by step you must walk, and climbing the stairs is the example: One by one; and do not worry, the ladder that you are holding unto (The Ladder of the Sacred Wisdom and what brings you close to knowing “The Sacred Limits”) has no lapses.

And here again, we stress on the doctrine of “Love of Brotherhood”:

Through love and Tawhidic kindliness (and not the worldly kindliness) faith is strengthened.

Persist on relating to this truth, and the connection will banish all disturbing thoughts. And be certain that it is natural what you feel.

Sometimes, the “Satanic” influence enters;

And His work today!!! “why?”

Because he fears the awakening of the Children of Light, and this is something that bothers Him and he tries to mess with it, and halfway through in order to cut off the path on you.

My friend and my brother, prove to him that you can remain stable and that you have faith in what is coming, and do not let his interference trouble you, not even through a thought. Yes, even a thought, do not let him share it with you. Understand that he is not a mysterious power that haunts your thoughts and that you can never understand in order to overcome it, but rather he is out there in this world, in a body, and his works are reaching you through the images & sounds of this world and not some other world. So look clearly around you and find out what you like to see and what you do not, and realize that you have a choice at controlling your surrounding - your fate.

Do not worry, through the power of light, victory shall prevail, and there is nothing more beautiful than reaping the fruits of patience in real experiences.

Thus, be ready for him, and strengthen your faith.


First through being truthful, and second, any thought that crosses your mind lay it out, and this is what is “the Love of Brotherhood” is all about, and in anticipation of such tough times did the ancient wisdom concentrate on respecting this doctrine.

Love beats Satan and allows the light in, and all the senses work in cooperation with it. Love purges the poison of the snake. And a true brother always offers advise to His fellow brother, and through the Power of Tawhid (Unity), help arrives to complete building the Body of Tawhid (As in heaven here on earth).

And any question, that comes across your imagination or enters your mind, no matter what it is, lay it out; and never ever attempt to deal with a thought that haunts your soul alone. No matter how bad the thought is, you must understand that you are not responsible for it in the Negative Sense of Sin. And thus, do not place the burden of bad thoughts upon your soul, because thoughts are like a violent settler, if you resist him using his own weapon, he will win over you and make you participate in strengthening his illusive presence through meaningless behavior; and the weapon of thought is interpretation.

Hence, do not counter a mystery with a greater one: speak out whenever a thought attacks. Ask for help rather than sitting there and interpreting it, do something right here right now, work with the realm of space and time, this is why God created this realm to make you understand the meaning of Chance, the meaning of Possibility, the meaning of Creativity,

By working with the Realm of Space & Time and only by working with it, the thought will have a beginning and an end!


And, do not believe in Conspiracy Theory, because no one is capable of framing your Soul in  a conspiracy as old as Space & Time except your SELF. How? By Believing in Conspiracy Theory and that there is a Power outside it that can control it.

And remember:

The beloved fathers of the eons have all passed through trials and tribulations much harder than what you are going through; and if they were to fall under the Spell of Signs and the GOD of False Rendez-Vous, the Ancient Wisdom could not have survived this far - the world would have been long destroyed.

Thus, your situation is not a dilemma, and is not a punishment. Even if it was a punishment, only resistance to the situation that your thoughts build could turn a punishment into a dilemma, and there is no sin that is beyond forgiveness except loosing hope in God’s Mercy.

The fact that you are aware of your negative thoughts, above all, should mean to you that you are treating the problem and that you are on your way to understanding the elements that are causing it.

Be sure of this: what you have gone through and what you will go through is natural and it indicates how modest you are.

For, the soul of any ordinary man, in its essence, likes compliments, and does not accept that anything wrong is attributed to it, let alone the Soul of a Mowahid: The Mowahid is very sensitive, and this is what may cause thoughts to jam with one other, but you are truly a Mowahid.

You are a Mowahid, Mowahid, try not to doubt this fact from today and on, and the Mowahid is the one who suffers.


Because, the Stubborn has known since the beginning that he/she is outside the Circle of Tawhid, and has admitted to this fact, and has been granted the opportunity in this world to prove his view, and sometimes he is the means by which the essence of a Mowahid is tested for authenticity.

So, you want an end to the trial? Concentrate on the people who provide you with inner comfort, and do not attempt to interpret the personalities of the Enemies of Truth, especially those who lay out their rules and regulations in the name of Tawhid.