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Thoughts Eternal

The force that is referred to as Matter is not an evil force, and those who lead a life of Wisdom work with this force, never against it.

Every material form you see around you is the manifestation of the force that has built it. It is the image of the meaning which dwells within it, and without the image the meaning cannot be recollected.

Thus, to love the Creator means to love the force behind the Forms of this world and not to postpone or save this love to some ethereal realm that is somewhere up in some unknown heaven. If it was not of your experience here on earth you would never have been able to Formulate a concept about The Other World.

According to the Doctrine of Reincarnation, one of the key doctrines of the Ancient Wisdom, there is no escape for the soul from the Laws of Space & Time or from facing the negative or positive aspects of its reality Here & Now on earth, because they are the laws that preserve the possibility of its Existence in a form in which it can experience Knowledge of Existence, otherwise its existence would be formless and knowledge of it would be like knowledge of nothingness.

Without the embodiment of the Eternal Forms through the Material Forms, knowledge of those eternal forms would’ve been impossible, and any form of experience for the soul, whether punishment or reward, comfort or dis-ease, forgetfulness or recollection could not have ever been subject to knowledge and consequently to existence.

One of the most spiritual forms that exist in space and time is the Form Mind. It is the Form that most reflects the Eternal One that is associated with the nature of God. Like God, this Form's presence is sensed through intuition and cannot be framed within Thought, because thought is the activity of Soul which is inferior to the Mind as the Moonlight is inferior to the Sunlight. However, through the existence of Thought and its nature which seems superior to material Forms and seems to have no ending, one can sense the superiority and eternity of the Mind.

And thus, let it be clear unto you that Thought in its nature serves Knowledge of the Mind and not knowledge of what it carries within it, the same way as the Form Apple is more likely to be serving the knowledge of the Form Fruit than to be serving the knowledge of its own attributes such as Roundness or Redness.

And this point makes the difference between Heaven & Hell for the Soul. For, the second the Soul is fooled by its own activity (Thought) to prove its own importance, it immediately falls from the conscious level of seeing how thought fits in the overall picture (The Truth-in-Finality)  to the behavioral level of becoming itself an object of thought in the picture serving through hardship and alienation to enact a meaning that it is absent from. And this is the famous Eve mistake that is responsible for Evil.

So, the minute the soul claims responsibility for its activity (Thought) it enters the dark realm of thought as an actor and departs the bright realm of Mind as a seer. It looses the ability to justify its own departure - to justify the thought that lead to its departure - to justify the purpose of such thought.

Thus, it suffers the Eve-Guilt which is in the Ancient Wisdom unjustifiable. The Soul ultimately blames itself for all the hurt, misery and guilt brought about by its own activity thought not knowing the higher Form "Adam" (Mind) which Eve was created to reflect.

The Soul thus carries the weight of the Devil's Unforgivable Sin which is loosing faith in the existence of any Wisdom behind the suffering that its nature is inflicting upon its own reality. This sin, with all what it carries within it from pain and misery, is the essence of the Devil's Original Refusal to admit to the Wisdom behind God's Creation of Adam, thinking that he is immune to Adam's Reality and that he can carry on such refusal from a higher heaven without being burnt by earth's fire, not knowing that God Himself entered the Adam Reality and was speaking to him through Adam.

For, the Soul's suffering on earth, in Truth-in-Finality , does serve a higher meaning that if the soul could only see, it could strip suffering from all its negative meanings. However, its behavioral failure to see at such point can only serve to express the meaning of Eternal Punishment.

And thus the soul is never punished for something it does now through something that will happen to it tomorrow, it is punished Here & Now for its failure to justify its action and punished exactly by this sense of failure which strips it from identity.

In Conclusion

The Sacred Wisdom does not lead to the Soul's Religious RESISTANCE to matter, because any action inspired by resistance can never represent the Truth of the Soul's Origin as an admiring Witness to the Force behind material Forms - a witness that is never distracted by the unknown aspects of matter or by the role that matter plays in the final picture - a witness that is forever content with the role that matter plays in completing the picture and is never challenged by it.

On the other hand, actions of resistance at any level can only produce Noise, which in turn shifts the soul from the state of Being in the Mind as a Witness, into the state of Being in the Picture as an Actor. This Ultimately works against knowledge or consciousness. 

Matter after all is an Underlying Substance that serves to bring Images of Life into knowledge; and only when the Images of Life in things escapes one’s VISION that matter starts working against its role.

Matter cannot hurt reality from the Eye of a Witness, it can only hurt reality from the Eye of the Actor.

When the Soul (Eve or Omega) plays the role of the Receptor to the Mind Power (Adam or Alpha) or The Witness, matter cannot play a resistant role in the picture, much less resist matter in any meaningful way. Resistance occurs only when The Soul is seduced  to play the role of the Mind (the Giver) which forces it to enter the picture as an actor and attempt to lengthen its life in the picture on the expense of the Witness which places it on a one-to-one competition with the laws of the picture: Matter.

Being out of the Picture while Being in It is God's Reality. In the presence of such reality both, the Witness and the Picture Become ONE

There is only one single creature that is able to combine the Laws of Spirit with the Laws of Matter: Man.

His thoughts, words and deeds in Space & Time can reflect the Spiritual Act of “Reception” or “Witnessing” in Eternity – A Most Meaningful act that radiates Selflessness and universal love. “

'When man directs his attention towards the physicality of forms, he never does so driven by Love to Forms, but rather he does it out of fear or the desire to make peace with his fears. Thus, man descends from the Conscious level of “Witnessing” to the less Conscious level of “Behaving”

He is then forced to physically enact a form or a meaning that he unconsciously knows, after he was once a conscious witness of it; and through His Behavioral Acts, he encourages more and more departure from consciousness

Whenever man ‘s will is driven by Fear or Desire to identify itself with the Force that resists the Witness in him: the Force of Matter at its most Physical yet most Unknown sense, man breathes life to the Power of Darkness or Resistance. Without man’s blindness to such Wisdom, such power becomes an unconscious force, a necessary natural law of matter.