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The Wisdom of Adam

The Wisdom of Adam is another term for the SUN of all systems of thought that has shined  across the ages, and even prior to the monotheistic journey of this final Adamic Cycle.

Any attempt to comprehend the Identity of the Children of the Light from a historical point of view is in vain, because the identity of light is in itself the initiator of any historic experience on earth.

Before there was history there was the Sun of Adam (The Wholly Mind), and the Children of Light are rays of that Sacred Sun. There has never been a time in which they did not Light the way before man, and how can man deny his many lives on earth? How can man deny the wonders of his cradle experience on earth, back in the Eden of Time?

What kind of history could account for the countless light-years of earth-memory or the millions of lives worth of human experience on earth, save the history of the Adamic soul?

The Wisdom of the Children of Light has never been about a book. It has always been about the unfolding of the power of the heavenly through the earthly the unfolding of the secret of God through Adamic expressions in Space & Time.

God Created Adam in his liking, and Adam fell for the Image of God in Himself,

And ever since Adamics desired to recollect in space and time and through their own thoughts and actions what they had witnessed of God in eternity.

Ever since, the Ancient Wisdom was passed on to mankind, cycle after another, in one way or the other, expounding a philosophy of action based on a philosophy of spirit.

And thus, if there has ever been any message behind all religions and philosophies, it is that the kingdom of the spirit is not separate from the kingdom of earth, and in the nature of Adam, lies the sacred interconnection between these seemingly separate worlds.