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The Point of Departure from Reality

If it was not of Earth and what is shown, the Eternal Secrets would never have been known

One of the main doctrines in the Ancient Wisdom is:

The eternal separation between The Children of the Spirit and The Children of the Body in the Absolute Realm of Eternity (Realm of the Mind or the Spirit), and the necessity for such separation to be reflected through an experience that seemingly unites both realms (The Adamic Reality which consists of Spirit & Body) in order for knowledge of such eternal separation to take place.

Through the reflection of the Power of the Spirit in a Body in Space and Time, the meaning of “El-Kiama” (The Arabic word for Final Judgment or Eternal Separation) is revealed in the logic of Man's Truth, in servitude of the ultimate purpose of existence: Knowledge.

Thus, the experience that enjoins the Children of the Body with the Children of the Spirit in this world, reflects the logic behind the experience that enjoins the Body with the Spirit in the Adamic form.

Despite how effective has the Powers of Deception become in maneuvering the way Reality is seen, picturing the Good as weak and the Evil as powerful, constantly glorifying the Body and demanding proof for the Spirit's existence), Reality remains from the vantage point of The Ancient Seer an expressive tool of knowledge that ultimately serves the GOOD. For, the Truth remains that the Spirit-Reality is always in control of the Body-Reality since it has the power to rise beyond the context that the body enforces, the same way as a witness of a fire can rise beyond the meaning that burning inflicts upon the reality of he who is under fire.

However, God's wish is to be known, and this wish is translated in the realm of knowledge through the emanation of a reality where there is a Knower & a Known.

The Original Thoughts that sprung forth from God's MIND (The First Knower) are the Children of the Spirit in Spirit, and their love to Know God's Image urged them to descend to the dual realm of knowledge as Children of the Spirit in Bodies, because that which has no Form cannot be known. And thus, the Children of the Spirit became embodied and for a very sacred purpose. Hence, they rose beyond the context of The Body which was utilized to serve a reality that ultimately denies the Spirit's Existence. They rose beyond the Evil Context built around The Body- Reality, because they embraced this reality as ultimately Good, because without it, the Spirit could not have been known in accord to how God wishes knowledge to be like.

The Thoughts that sprung forth from the Mind of the Cosmic Conspirator at the Moment of God's Wish to be Known are the Children of the Body in their spiritual forms. Sensing the yearning of the Children of the Spirit in Spirit to embrace God's Wish and enter the Duality of Knowledge (The Spirit-Body Reality), yet denying the logic of this yearning (since, in the eyes of their father, God cannot possibly descend into the level of Adam), they raced the Children of the Spirit into awakening the Dark Side of knowledge through nourishing their own view of what the Body is came to prove: That God has Forsaken Adam, and that the Good is weak and it has been put on the Cross of Space & Time.

However, the Children of the Spirit, having descended in fulfillment of God's wish, accepted even this resistant part of knowledge as part of accepting God's Image; and they understood that they are being put into a test that shall reap a greater wisdom, and so they respected their body-reality, their Adamic truth, and embraced it as being the reality that God wanted for them. Yet, the irony exists in the Children of the Body's position towards this reality which they themselves claimed superiority over.

For, while the Children of the Spirit accepted the Logic of Knowledge which mandated that the Spirit shall preserve the Soul's Destiny in the Body through Reincarnation in servitude of this logic (rejecting any dogmatic picture of Eternity as being some Ethereal or Bodiless reality), the Children of the Body, contrary to the Body-Superiority which they so heavily enforced upon man's View of Reality, they have always incongruously believed that there is some other reality awaiting them where they shall exist as pure ghosts with no bodies.

How Does this Translate on the Ground of History?

The Ancient Wisdom, although it perfectly acknowledges the existence of Eternity or the Spiritual Realm,  has always been considered controversial for denying the existence of any other realm whereby souls could experience any form of knowledge of this Eternity save this WORLD - this Dual Spirit/Body Form, which is, according to the Doctrine of Reincarnation, proven to forever be in servitude of bringing the Soul into continuous presence and since time eternal.

This doctrine has always been very threatening to both, the Religious Leaders and the Political Leaders of this World.

Why the Religious?

Because, the religious made of The Other World an opportunity for them to raise money and control their followers in this World. They have always collaborated with their Political Brothers in keeping the Gnostic Truths hidden.


Good is always colored with a form of Modesty that, in the final truth, equals Weakness. It is always restrained from taking its creative course in this world by the promise of the Other World. Instead, its role is narrowed down to contradicting evil behavior through a set of confusing behavior that is always on the watch for evil to initiate its next move.

Any form of existence upon which any experience whether punishing or rewarding applies other than Here & Now (on earth) and through the Soul’s Vehicle, The Body, is according to the Ancient Wisdom too illusive that it serves the Doctrines of Death, because it paralyzes the Adamic possibilities to change the fate of reality here on earth and encourages instead a distorted view of God, whereby God is blamed for all the evil that is left to prevail on earth.

Thus, from an Authentic Perspective, the earthly experience, regardless to what extent evil in it seems apparently an evident reality, is an immaculate proof of the truth of the most sacred of doctrines in the Ancient Wisdom: The Doctrine of the Ultimate Good Cause of Existence, KNOWLEDGE. In this perspective there is no room for the panic which Religious Behavior enforces against the course of events, and which ultimately produces more NOISE and serves further Ignorance.

The experience of the Children of Darkness with the Children of Light, here on earth, to a knowledgeable eye, never implies that the outcome of the conflict between Good & Evil is yet unresolved and the fate of the Good depends yet on what could happen next,

but rather, it means that without actually experiencing the meanings of such Resolution (Such Eternal Separation)  between the two fates here on earth, the ultimate purpose of the Good which is Knowledge would not prevail.

Hence, from the perspective of The Ancient Wisdom, evil in the Truth-in-Finality, is never at a One-to-One challenge with the ultimate GOOD, because, by Knowledge standards, it would have no existence outside the Plan of the GOOD.

Evil is only brought to existence when sight is convinced otherwise, and this is the real conspiracy of evil: it plays on the tendency of sight to fall victim to the context that evil wants it to see in the events and actions that are taking place in time, which is not really the context of the Truth-in-Finality,

Because the reality which stands in the way of Evil is Existence, and not what sight thinks about existence; and Existence is in essence linked to the Adamic Presence through a Divine Law. It is not subject to proof or denial, it is the most self-evident Truth.

The Devil's discontent with Adamic Reality which dates back to times so Ancient is referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as the Children of Darkness's:

“Coming down in the Adamic Image and using the Adamic Knife to kill the Adamic Truth” – To Kill Their Own Truth. They did so under the false promise of their Father (The Cosmic Conspirator) that there is another world they could resort to after they are done, not knowing that there is Higher Purpose behind the World of Adam, a Bigger Plan. In short, they have come to destroy their own selves – their only reality.

Nothing is evil about Reality save the false context they see it through: The Eye of the Anti-Christ.

Nothing is painful about reality even Pain & Suffering.

For, sometimes a slap on the face is a better way to awaken man to reality than a tapping on the shoulder. And humanity today is being Slapped hard by the Karmic Hand of their ancient choices – their continuous ignorance to the Secrets of True Life and True Death.

One can face pain all of a sudden and die. This is the worse that could  happen on the Physical Level of Body-Reality. So what? This, in the worst case scenario, is a chance to be born again as a Child with a new body, new life, new possibilities.

However, in fearing this rendez-vous with death or evil, man can die thousands of times while he is still alive. This is really what evil is: Fear of the Unknown that colors one’s experience of reality - fear of the Future that colors one's present and taxes man out of the wealth of his chances and his possibilities Here & Now. This is why the Devil is referred to in the Ancient Wisdom (in Arabic) as: .The God of False Rendes-Vous-s