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The Night of Departure from Eternity
(Gnosis of the Book of Life)

Since the beginning of time, the Gnostic Secrets were revealed to man: through legends, myths, philosophies, religions and all other conceivable means. “No eyes can claim that it did not see enough. No ears can claim that it did not hear enough. For, “nothing is new under the Sun”; and man’s soul is certainly no exception. Man is ancient and has traveled with his soul long enough in space and time to sense this fact.

And to man in his countless lives was granted the power of free will.

One of the most original practice of free will was man’s freewill to know what freewill means.

And the moment that man chose to know - a moment that transcends the laws of Space & Time, he saw an Image of His SELF: his past, present and future all at once unfolding before his very eyes. He also knew that what he saw at such moment is a self-fulfilled prophecy.

Those who understood the meaning of such moment resorted to God to save them from the limitless possibilities of Sight. And, those who did not know God were absorbed by what they saw. And hence, the same knowledge that was destined to be the Children of Light’s way to eternal salvation was also destined to be the Children of Dakness’s way to eternal punishment.

Millions of years ago, in what is referred to as “the youth of humanity’s Age”, the virgin thouhgt of Adamics was awakened gradually to the possibilities of space and time causing the crystallization of a sense of self-identification; and thus, man’s image of his SELF grew more and more heavily confined to contraints of space and time and events. This process is symbolized in the holy texts by the fall of Adam and Eve from the heaven.

Blessed however, is knowledge of the nature of such fall, for every other knowledge to it is like the overflow of rays is to the Sun. The rays may stretch out to the darkest of realms or descend to the most chaotic of material worlds, yet the Sun remains the eternal unaffected Sun.

According to the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom, Adam and Eve stand for The Wholly Mind and The Wholly Soul – the spiritual parents from where Adamic souls derive their identities. The spiritual descent of the Children of Light from their original place in the Father into the realm of forgetfulness was necessary for the Children of Darkness in order to comprehend the nature of their original choice – a comprehension that ultimately is the only way to save them from their own selves and from the chaos that ruled the darker side of matter – the chaos that was a product of the misuse of free will.

Those who are referred to in the Ancient texts as the Children of Light among Adamics were those sparks of the Wholly Mind who experienced the serenity of dwelling in their places in the Father’s Thought-Eternal prior to the realization that lead to the crystallization of Adamic Memory. Hence, driven by their love for the Father, they chose to descend down to the darkest of the material realm like the Sun rays that reach out to light the darkest corners in the universe. They chose to undergo the pain of dual existence in order to call upon that sacred unity  that ties the creation, however far off in space and time, to the Father.

Prior to their descent, The Children of Light were united by the most ancient of identities (the identity of light), and they communicated with each other through higher spiritual means than the language of religion, race, culture, politics, gold, media. The Ancient Wisdom describes those ancient glorious times as: “No eyes have seen, no ears have heard, and it has never crossed the mind of man.”

The Children of Light lived far away from the Children of Darkness in their eternal places in the Head of the Father like the distant stars – a distance that was ruled by eternal spiritual laws and not by the temporal bounderies that rule the lower realms of space and time.

The Children of Light descended from their time-eternal places in the Father isnspired by love to the Father’s furthest creation and desire to embrace it as being ultimately part of His Will which nothing can ever escape it and still remain in existence.

However, since knowledge of God’s Will has no limits, from their desire to know his creation, sprung forth all the fear and limitation asociated with knowledge - with man’s freewill.

This meant on the more phisical grounds that their effort, though well-intended, was tested by the fire of the Ego whose meaning was unleashed on earth by the personalities of the Minds of Darkness.

And thus, the Children of Darkness, being ignorant of the place from where the Children of Light came, received the Children of Light as would a body receive a spirit – restraining it to its own laws, exposing it to the sharp edges of matter through enforcing on it the dark laws of forgetfulness, hunger and separateness.

The Children of Darkness, having not seen the original home from were the Children of Light descended, only saw in the Children of Light’s endeavor what they saw in their own intentions when they chose to prove their Image of God’s Will contrary to what the Children of Light chose when they called upon God to protect them from their own Imagination.

And so the Children of Darkness could not see in the Children of Light’s presence among them beyond the reflection of their own Egos. They looked at them and saw only their own vision of Adam. They saw not the Glory of the ONE behind Adam – they saw not the Glory of the Universal Adam; and so they mocked the size of God in Adam, and said to themselves what their father “The Devil” (The Cosmic Conspirator) had said in the depth of the Original Darkness: "They are made of clay and we are made of Fire; nothing they can do we can’t do. Why not test the God of their Spirit through testing their ability to resist the pain of the body."

And one cycle after another, one life following the other, the Children of Darkness grew more and more exposed to the meaning of God’s Judgment and the Dark Side of Free Will, and each time they abused the power of freewill, they shook their own reality through disasters like those referred to as the Fload of Noah and the Sinking of Atlantis or the tragic end of Sodom and Gemorah, because, like an angry child, only punishment on the grand scale could stop him from the hurt he could do to himself and to others.

And the more they are exposed to Adam's Truth, the more they find need in hiding their Evil behind the mask of Adam the mask of Equality, Peace, Goodness and responsibility, thinking that by doing this they are mocking Adam's reality, but in the Truth-in-Finality, they are mocking their own reality, and this is the true meaning of “Eternal Hell”, the widening of the Gap between man’s Interior Truth and his Exterior Behavior which ultimately leads to Insanity.

Throughout history the Children of Darkness have suffered from this insanity. However, they have also founded themselves more and more compelled to hide it in order to face a Reality that is beyond their choice: God’s Reality.

And so, they mastered the art of acting. They built a system of meaning, a language of survival through coppying the exteriorities of the Children of Light’s actions to cover their inner truth.

And in their age-eternal ruthless pursuit after power, the role that they mistook as being the Children of Light’s role, they chose once more to take a bite in space and time of the same poisonous apple that lead to their fall in eternity.

Little did they know that the day they fully understand the meaning of eternal suffering of the soul in the body, is the day they understand the reason why the Children of Light descended and chose the suffering of the body instead – such understanding is what is truly meant by the Judgment Hour.

Each time those Fallen Angels abused the Spiritual Law of Freewill and acted on a deeper level of intentionality to hurt Adam's Reality, they were deprived more and more of their Spiritual Powers – deprived by nothing but their growing awareness to the bad effect that their inner truth had on their material and physical well-being. The final stages of deprivation are witnessed in this cycle by their helpless usage of Gold as a currency to tie people’s destiny together, when once, a more glorious "angels", had the ability to better master the laws of physics (or what is else know as Black Magic) in order to feed their hungry ego.

And thus, by the standards of the Ultimate Truth, humanity is living the dawn of an age where those who were once referred to as "angels" are now nothing more than the weak-spirited men of this world whose actions today have diminished in power - from the level of controlling events through occult power and magic into the level of deceiving their followers using the currency of gold.

The ability to recognize specific differences and similarities among Adamic entities inhabiting the earth made a pivotal moment in the fate of humanity – a moment, however dark, was necessary. For, such was the kind of moment in history when the prophets and saints grew known to man. Such was the kind of moment that would reveal to the mind of man the Fairness of the Universal Law in times when man would thinketh himself justified to claim ignorance as an excuse for following the Masters of Darkness instead.

The Ancient Wisdom reveals that there was never a time when man was not reminded of his holy origin. The same ascended beings of the past ancient cycles of Atlantis and Gemorrah came in this cycle as wise men and prophets. For, Souls are the same Souls since time eternal only coming in different garments. Wise men of this cycle were known as “light-beings” in the ancient world. They were awakened to their missions in space and time far earlier than the rest of humanity, and hence, carried a much larger portion of man’s suffering above their shoulders, knowing (through their incomparable foresight) how times will develop at the adolescence of humanity’s age when mental powers would begin to be used for evil purposes.

What they left in revelations unique to those ancient times was enough for the Children of Light to realize that they must preserve the Sacred Wisdom and leave Atlantis prior to its destruction.

And the divine mercy once again extended to offer a chance to the Adamic race to rise from the chaos that ruled the material realm. This time the chance originated from Egypt (The Land of the Pyramids).

However, slowly but surely, the age came when the evil tendencies that lead to the fall of Atlantis once more were awakened in this cycle through the same souls of the ancient world only coming in different bodies. Believe it, or stick firmly to your system of denial, what is today known as the Legend of the Star Wars and the Legendary culture of Dinosaurs and Serpents was once a phenomenal reality expressive of the power of the Childhood Evil to manipulate energies with bigger objects – the power that evil gradually lost until it exists no more but in the imagination of a lost nation like Los Angeles (the City of Lost Angels) – same ancient souls torn by their nostalgia for their glorious past.

The cycles of the unfolding of Adamic civilizations resemble a series of waking up phases from bad dreams within bad dreams. To the blessed master Plato, a dream consists of a story that the soul invents – a story that revolves around the incidents which effect the soul during its daytime experience. Desire, according to Plato, is the trigger of such affection. Plato compared the realm that characterizes this final cycle’s experience, to a dream. Thus, to Plato, the past bloody history of humanity is but a dream that revolves around the "Fallen Angels'" jealous and wicked desires to hurt the Children of Light’s Reality – to Steel their World in the words of “Homeros’s Audessius” – A desire which they carried with them from one dream to another, life after the other, since the Sunrise of the Adamic experience.

Have you ever known during a bad dream that you are in a dream and that you have the option to wake up just in the right time before anything bad happens? Just before waking up, a soul grows more and more aware to the fact that she is in a dream; and thus, her actions in the dream grow more confident. For, she knows now for sure that she controls the ending of the dream.

The power of waking up from the darkest of all dreams that humanity is sunk in today is only the ability of those who know that they are in a dream. For, those people have known what it is like to be awake, and however far they have departed from their place in the Father or from such knowledge, they can’t but return.