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The Meaning of Eternal Judgment

Like a child loosing his comforting innocence, man has chosen to be His own Judge and to carry the burden of his own guilt. And thus, burdened more and more by his sense of guilt, man sank more and more into the swamp of sins, until man committed the most unforgivable of sins:

The sin of loosing hope in God’s Mercy, the Total Eclipse of the Soul…

And where can man hide and how can man run away from the kind of judgment that he himself inflicts upon his own self when he accepts to let his Ego come in between his soul and the Savior? How can man escape his own thoughts about His own self as they grow darker & gloomier?

Oh ye guilty Adamite at the dawn of judgment, celebrate the death of your ego before its dream turn into nightmares.

Oh ye guilty Adamite at the dawn of judgment, do not entertain any thought that frames you before your own self, because you are frameless.

Oh ye guilty Adamite at the dawn of judgment, learn how to love your nature; learn how to overcome your fears; lift off the veil of guilt that you have covered your eyes with.

Realize that those who have fallen captive to captivity are those who Hearken to the voice of the Anti-Chirst of their Ego, he who sendeth Images forth unto thoughts interrupting the unity and harmony within the Self.

Do not look at the world around you to discover yourself, but rather direct your vision towards the inside in order to discover the world around you, because the exterior realm of multiplicity is a reflection of the Inner Realm of the ONE. If you fail to be in harmony with this inner ONENESS, you will fall captive to Images – you will become a fragmented soul, unable to make sense of your existence while growing more and more forced to sense the weight of such existence.

Realize that all that you see externally of multiplicity is intrinsically one: YOURSELF.

And when the time comes for you to face YOURSELF, you will find yourself alone with the Monster-Ego you have created, alone and torn in multiplicity; because the Ego is made up of fragments of memories, acquired through the senses, and lacking in the Element of Unity that connects true events.

Protect yourself from the selves of the Ego, because “the Selves have no existence in the presence of the SELF.”

Be prepared for a day when the inside & the outside become one.

If at that day you are not lit by the Unity that justifies your Actions, you will never be able to resist the weight of the Unforgivable Sin. If you are not purified by the Love that emanates from such Unity, you are certainly burnt by the fire of being deprived of that love, and Fire transforms all things it touches into its own nature.

In that day all the Selves of the Children of the One unite to reveal the image of God's Self, and that IMAGE has always been the Cause of all Causes. The Godhead behind that Image is the Interior Eye the Heaven in which the Children of Light shall dwell, and the God-Actions taken by that Image shall be the HELL of the Exterior Eye, the cause of its eternal suffering.

Love of the Adamic Sacred Image is the way of the Children of Heaven, because, before God created Adam, he loved Adam. And that love was never ended nor ever shall be. Upon such love the Children of Light act, and through such love the Kingdom of Earth and The Kingdom of Heaven shall intersect on the Cross of the human EGO.