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The Logic of the Unique Fifth Science

Keys to Understanding the Nature of Existence

The Quotes are Translated from the Original Arabic Text

“Existence is not a sequence of meaning arrived at through vision”

“Existence, in order to be comprehended, can be divided into The Mental and The Exterior”.

However, in the final reality,

"existence is neither mental nor exterior, otherwise there would have been an existence to existence; thus, there was the saying that the Source of Existence is like no other thing.”

However, the right way to begin to conceptualize existence is to divide it into The Mental and The Exterior keeping in mind that Existence is beyond conceptualization.

Another thing that could help one to begin to conceptualize existence is understanding that it is not wrong to link existence to one's own presence, because, any existence that does not logically relate to one's own presence in space and time is simply inconceivable: "Every existence is something, and every something is existence..."

Next, it is important for one to understand that one's presence is not limited to this life: there has never been a time on earth when one was not present. 

It is also important to know that one's descent from Heaven (or the soul’s original home) and down to earth is not an outcome of a one-time event, but rather, it is a state of mind that has an effect on the way one views reality. In other words, there exists between one's presence here on earth and one's presence in heaven a wall built up by one's own thoughts about reality, about heaven, about life on earth.

It is not built up by a time or distance barrier as the religious mind is often trained to think.

Let it then be clear unto you that your Past, your Present and your Future are tied together, not by a Method of Addition or a Sequential Order that links Events, but instead, by a Logic which effects the way you see Reality. The more you understand this Logic the more you can free your soul from the Spells of Space & Time and thus bridge Earth with Heaven.

For example, if you watch a man running across the street, the Weight of the Meaning of Time and its Logic of Before and After may force your vision to follow the steps of the man purposefully, as though a question is born and the answer to it lies at an end out there somewhere where those steps will ultimately reach.

This hungry look at events demeans the Soul, and paralyzes its ability to see things from the perspective of the Truth-in Finality. It is as if it puts the Soul's Eternal Presence on a constant hold and adds form to a mysterious temporal presence called  The Future tying the Soul’s destiny to an existence that is always dependant upon what will happen next.

Whereas, if you were to ever be in a position to watch the steps of the moon purposefully as it orbits around the Sun, your vision may follow those steps forever in hunger for discovering where and what they ultimately lead to, only to realize in the end that they are only an attribute of the present picture you are already seeing, they are only there to explain the concept motion which is an inseparable part of the picture you are seeing from afar. In other words, there is no conclusive point in space and time to those steps, the same way as the steps of the man are more there to explain the meaning of running rather than serving an unknown meaning that is yet to be discovered. They serve a meaning which you already know through Simple Sight prior to your hungry demand for an Explanation.