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The Future becomes YOU

God lies within you HERE & NOW.

God is willing to accept you in as much as you are willing to accept your SELF.

Everything you see around you is a reflection of your SELF. If you learn how to love what you see around you, you might learn how to love yourself. If you fall short of such learning, do not blame God for the darkness that surrounds your feeble vision.

God has never forsaken you. You have forsaken yourself.

When you unkindly judge your actions and fail to look at any part of you with love, when you gradually lose faith in the meaning that explains the events and incidents that surround you, you are basically postponing the chance to ever EXIST, and rather, insisting on falling deeper into the realm of NONEXISTENCE.

That first image you see in that realm is the image of The Future. Then, you slowly step into the future's frame and allow yourself to be a hero in its sequential themes you slowly allow an unknown end to justify your present thoughts - your present actions your present self.

The Future becomes the Ego that you deny your present SELF for. The Future becomes the MASK that you hide your present FACE with. THE FUTURE BECOMES YOU