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The Logic Behind Reality

The Sun: The Symbol of the Wholly Mind in the Ancient Wisdom (The Spirit of Adam).
The Moon: The Symbol of the Wholly Soul (Eve) in the Ancient Wisdom (The Soul of Adam).

Darkness: The Symbol of the Spiritual Evil, which detained the Adamic Soul in the Realm of Shadows.

Shadows, no matter how mysterious they may seem in the darkness, are in the sun-clear-reality cast into vision through what the moon reflects of sunlight.

The Sunís Absence in the Darkness is an illusion symbolic of  The World's Absence from God's Judgment.

The history of humanity, for millions of years, is referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as The Dark Night.

The Sunís hidden presence in the darkness stands for the Spirit of Adam's hidden presence in this world. The Spirit of Adam is another way to define God's Will, and it is the real cause of every motion - the final logic behind every event.

Since the Minds of Darkness have never known the Spirit of Adam and could never ever maintain the identity of darkness in the presence of sunlight, they claimed the Moon to be the Sun of their reality, and thus gave power to the Shadows reflected by the moon in the night over the real Forms.

And from such ancient form of evil (Ignorance) did the journey of self-deception embark:

Darkness seduced the Moon (EVE) to claim the status of the Sun in its illusive absence, using the power of the Sun itself: Light.

In the Final Truth, this meant that the Wholly Soul was seduced to claim the status of the Wholly Mind through using the mind-power (thought) wrongly.

And this is why the Ancient Wisdom distinguished between thought and mind - between the Thinking Soul (the psyche) and the Conscious Soul which deserves to be called SOUL.

Throughout the deceptive absence of the Sun to a vision that has never known day experience, the diffused light of the sun itself was used to deny the very existence of the sun; and thus, this meant on the ground of shadows (EARTH) the following:

The minds of darkness, in order to maintain their identity, had to sustain a relative reality in which the Children of Lightís actions are always framed within a context that serves to deny the real spirit behind those actions. This ultimately concealed their Ignorance behind a mask of meaning.

However, since in the final reality, the Children of Light understood and embraced even what projected from the Minds of Darkness against them as part of Godís Will - something that is meant to serve a higher knowledge, the Children of Light's embracement was too mysterious to be comprehended by the Minds of Darkness and consequently cannot be framed in any context that the minds of darkness could possibly control; Hence, this forced the minds of darkness to expose their ugly face: their ancient spiritual tendency to deny the existence of Godís Will openly, unjustifiably and hence:


evil behavior is then left with no context in which it could be understood by, no meaning, no exterior body, yet burning from the inside

This is the essence of Eternal Punishment, the severing of one's exterior from one's interior,  which the world is working towards through utilizing Media in order to frame evil behavior  in an attractive context that serves to make this behavior acceptable.