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The Logic Behind Evil Behavior

Like the Sun is the source of all Life, the Absolute Good is the source of all creativity. Without the Solar energy, every living thing will die. Similarly, without the energy of the Absolute Good, everything, including the evil, will seize to exist.

Sunlight is responsible for Vision of anything, including Darkness.

Thus, darkness cannot challenge the existence of light, it can only deceive Sight into believing that if it was not of its existence, the existence of light would not be recognized.

However, in truth, if it was not of the effect of light upon Sight, nothing would be recognized for being existent to begin with, even if it existed by virtue of some unrecognizable criterion. For, Sight is the measurement of the success or failure of any criterion.

Hence, the nature of light, unlike darkness, precedes recognition into existence.

Thus, It is sight and not light that darkness really challenges, and it does so not knowing that by weakening Sight, it is also weakening its own existence which depends upon sight.

However, darkness challenges sight under the deceptive belief that it is challenging light.

Similarly, Evil challenges its own deceptive impression of the Absolute Good by manipulating the way people view it.  

However, Absolute Goodness, like the noon sun, is simply blinding to evil.  From here, it was necessary for evil to operate in a relatively lit atmosphere, where it can benefit from vision to remain conscious of its own existence, yet work against vision through denying the source of it: The Noon Sun.

On earth, this meant enforcing a Relative System of Good & Evil that is ultimately designed to deny the existence of the Absolute Good - enforcing systems of meaning based on the exterior behavior as being The Good and then contradicting this same behavior to remain in control of what amounts for The Evil.

And thus, the burden of imitating and then contradicting, building and then destroying, planning and then falling into confusion has always been on the evil side in order to constantly adjust its relative illusory systems in accord to its increasing suspicions about a Reality which always seems to escape him.

If anything this portrays the inability The Children of Darkness to See the Spirit behind the expressions of the Children of Light. Being of such a blind nature, they fear consciousness and find themselves always compelled to avoid it somehow through Noise or Disruptive Behavior

Unlike The Children of Light, who work from the inside and out, through purifying their intentions towards each other first and then worrying about their exterior behavior, The Children of Darkness, having no interior element that could possibly unite them, can only unite over their behavioral imitation of this interior element.

Thus, they create a fake unity through observing the exterior practices of the Absolute Good and enforcing a relative system of good and evil that revolves around imitating those practices and then contradicting them on the level of behavior. This is the essence of Craziness enforced as Sanity.

This is why the Children of Darkness were referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as The Nation of El-Jinn, in reference to the Arabic word “Jnoun” which means Craziness. Jinn were not Ghosts as do Traditional Moslem Interpretations assert. They were basically an ancient nation that dwelled on earth and refused the Doctrines of the Mind, and hence fell in their practices into the state of Anti-Mind: Craziness.

Based on the Behavioral System of Good & Evil, the Children of Darkness had to always be on the run, driven by fear of the Unknown, in watch for the rising of any new spirit any creative move, making sure that no new Spirit ever rises into the mass consciousness without framing it in their own frame and montaging the context by which it should be seen by.

Consequently, the mind of evil is ant-creativity, and has never made any effort to ever understand the energies that God endowed Adam with; it has never seen the Divine possibilities in the Adamic Image; hence, they have dismissed any chance to justify the significance of their own existence.

Their fate is like someone who keeps asking Why? Why? Why? Why? in order to create enough noise to make him forget the Tough Answer that he has already convinced himself with. On one hand his constant questioning proves his discontent with the answer he has contrived, and on the other hand he is creating too much noise to ever be able to listen to the right answer.