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On the Reasons Behind Punishment & Reward for the Souls

Authentic knowledge is not about acquiring information, it is a kind of adherence to El-Hdoud (The LIMITS). And the key to knowledge is The Power Control over the Behavioral Soul - The Soul that is responsible for man's behavior and which Plato distinguished from the Obedient Soul or the Receptive Soul by calling it "Psyche".

Then you get to the state when your modesty is put on the right track and your commitment to El-Hdoud is strengthened. At such point, you will be able to detect the Limits of any negative thought and withdraw intuitively prior to be put on the wrong. Consequently, this will enable you to pinpoint the wisdom behind the negative states as you move forward in space & time, until the time when the Power of the Needy in you is defeated (the power of the
negative current that is responsible for the Soul’s sway of balance).

The Good Soul is secured as a result of its acknowledgement of El-Hdoud and its faith & belief in why what is happening is happening. It has pledged allegiance to God's Judgment (whether good or bad), and this is magical power that transforms fear into comfort, and panic into calmness. This calmness places the soul in the right position to benefit from knowing the LIMITS of Her trial.

As for the Dark Soul, it claimed freedom over setting its own limits, and hence suffered from not knowing El-Hdoud - not knowing where to stop; and this is why you see the Children of Darkness seeking money and power to arm themselves against The Unlimited, and practice Control over others to control their fear of their own selves. They are afraid of the tiniest creature that screams in their face. Fear always fills their heart – Fear as a result of them being convinced that they are both, The Journeyer & the Journey itself.

Their Father desired to challenge the nature of Adam (The Wholly MIND), but he couldn’t, and through his self-affair he tripped, and thus he resorted to cunningness  and trickery. He was advised but he did not listen, and he forced the large portion of mankind to make war against the Sons of Adam.

In this age, neither him or his followers has the past effect (or what is otherwise known as the dark powers practiced by the fallen angels of Atlantis against the Children of Light).

As for his power today, it is limited to deception: the tricks of politics & media, and he is exposed today for the violent equipment he uses, after the past times of glory, when he was equipped with the power of magic.

And his utilization of GOLD as a currency to entangle people’s spiritual destiny in this final cycle is a proof of his weakness.

And thus, one must turn his eyes away from the power of personalities that claim control over the world through politics and media and the expressions of such deceptive power on the faces of the prominent figures, and instead direct his vision towards his inner self in order to see through the eyes of intuition the real power behind reality.