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Survivors of the Ancient Battle

Long ago in a time and land forgotten except in myths and legends, Brothers of the Sun walked upon earth to reflect the Ancient Wisdom of the ages, not through philosophy or religion but through the Language of Light

There was never a land that was not graced by their presence or an age devoid of their meaningful actions. Today, something is stirred within the depths of a Child of Light when a name like Hermes Trismegistros comes across his ears.  It seems that the sacred memory of those men, despite the lack of surviving information about them and their doctrines, is codified inside the heart so that it might never be lost.

So profound was the power of Adamic thought, so noble were the resulting expressions, that, once manifested, the outcome was experiences that remained impressed upon the inner hearts of the Children of Light for eons to come -- never to be forgotten no matter the number of reincarnations.

Spiritually united through the identity of  Adam, the Children of Light, despite the trials of history & geography, never forgot the ancient home where they initially belonged.

Like rays of the sun, though disperesed across the darkness of history, they never forgot the language of dawn encoded in their Edenic memory. Since time-eternal they have been rehearsing for the long-awaited Sunrise of this memory.

They spoke the Language of Light in Atlantis through forms of communication that no technology has in this age yet recovered.

The dawn of their union on earth as in heaven, in body as in spirit, has been the story of every miracle, every myth, every legend, every message, every prophecy, every revelation, every attempt to call upon the hidden.