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Strengthening the Will to Understand the Language of Light

“Through each other were they brought unto that sacred memory, and thus, they remembered; through each other were they brought unto that sacred knowledge, and thus, they Knew” (The Ancient Wisdom on the Doctrine of Preserving the Brotherhood) 

As the affection of Tawhid emerges and appears on their faces, the Children of Light hold on tighter to one another, and aroused in them is the inspiration to understand the Language of Light that has brought them together, signaling an order from the realm of MIND (The realm that is represented in the Druze flag by the Green color) and into the realm represented by the White, to interpret the Power of Light through Adamic Expressions that shine even more with meaning;

and consequently,

the languages unite even more over understanding the Language of Light, and this requires more and more concentration.

Strengthening the Will to Understand the Language of Light:

When you maintain the determination to do something: “I Will do this,”

What is meant by the “I”? The Soul

What moves the Soul? The Power of Will,

Your power of will instigated the move, and thus, the Soul RECEIVED a power, and in turn brought it forth unto thought for interpretation.

And it is at such point where the opportunity to strengthen the sacred element of INTUITION resides, and this is much more important than the faculty of interpretation.

In short, the Soul’s position as a LISTENINER or RECEIVER is more expressive than that of a Behavioral Actor, because it preserves in this position the virgin power of the Mind which is to Witness the meaning in a scene, while behavior (which starts at the level of the soul's temptation to interpret the scene) disrupts the Soul's ability to Witness.

Let it be clear unto you then that the sacred element of WILL is strengthened only by strengthening the RECEIVER in you (The Power of Action in Inaction). This means strengthening your readiness to see the result of your action while taking any action even if this action is on the level of thought. This element of Sight when it is allowed to take part gradually diminishes the noisy aspect of behavior in an action, and the action consequently grows much vibrant with meaning.

The Key to Concentration:

Controlling the Soul that is responsible for behavior (otherwise referred to by Plato as the Psyche ), because it is a source of  disruption that weakens the Power of Will

The Language of Action and Reaction is Disruptive in all cases: even when one acts in the sense of duty.

For this reason, the perspective of a Witness in any action is a wise one, even if you are urged by your sense of duty to rush into helping others: to see the meaning of your action while performing it is the holiest duty, because it purifies your action from the behavioral weight which weakens its power to help .

Asked a Child his Father: Father, if inside me resides a Conscience, what shall I do with it?

And the Father replied unhurriedly and calmly: Sorting the Manners of People, for it is an exercise that awakens the senses, reveals the predestined and touches upon meaningful solutions

and such is THE WAY to stand with righteousness and put an end to SELFISHNESS.

And through such answer, the father summed up and replied on the Lesson of Life and many other matters that pertain to all kinds of studies

Is it not enough for one to follow the matters of things in order to avoid confusion & entanglement.

For, actions TELL more than DO about the seed that bares them, and never is a seed forced to an ACTION beyond its ability or foreign to its essence.

Bringing each other to that sacred recollection at all times:

The partial union of a number of Children of Light at any place over the Language of Light reflects a Universal Unity in the Realm of True Spirituality. Via the Union of the circles of light and their Language, brought about is the salvation of the Children of Light from the evils of the Anti-Christ, who sends forth thoughts unto the Soul and interferes in every thought prompting a sort of stringency among you in hope that you would grow apart.

Do not let him enter your pages, for, the deceptiveness of his works is evident in this day and age more than any time before

Try to carry the manners of prophets and sages and to benefit from managing your tension in order to gain control over the Language of Tenacity (Stubbornness), for evilness, sensing the conclusion of its power at this late hour of its age and the loss of its mystery after the ancient times of magic & glory, is blowing all its breath to give life to conflict amongst the Children of Light particularly, and the strong is he who has the wisdom not to allow outlets to such power through him, because one's own behavior is the most closely disruptive element to his view of reality.