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One of the Sacred Hymns of Hermes Trismegistus

Who,Then, May, sing thee Praise of thee or Praise to Thee?

Whither, Again, Am I to turn my eyes to sing thy Praise? Above, Below, Within, Without?

There is no way, no place is there about thee, nor any other thing of things that are.

All are in thee, All are from thee, oh thow who givest all and takest naught, for thou hast all and naught is there thou hast not.

And When, oh Father, shall I sing hymn thee? For none can seize thy hour or time.

For what, Again, Shall I sing hymn? For things that thou hast made manifest, or things thou hast concealed?

How, Further shall I hymn thee? As being of myself? As having something of my own? As being other?

For That thou art whatever I may be, thou art whatever I may do, thou art whatever I may speak. For thou art all, and there is nothing else which thou art not. Thou art all that doth exist, and thou art what doth not exist - mind when thou thinkest, and father when thou makest, and God when thou Dost energise, and good and maker of all things.