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Excerpts from the  Wisdom of

Mawlana Hermes of all Hermeses - Imhuteb
(Translated from the Original Arabic Druze Text)

God: The Cause Maker

The Mind: The First Cause (The Cause of all Causes)
The Soul: The Second Cause (The Martyr of all Martyrs)

“The World has been ordered in these different meanings which are: good/evil, prosperity/misfortune, tribulation/enjoyment, as an element of wary to the Soul, and as an awakening to it, in order to acquire through those meanings a lead to the Illuminant Bright Mind and the complete unchanging form of knowledge which is: judgment and discernment in the truths of things.”

“The Soul is connected to its origin The Mind, if it diverts from The Mind, it becomes matter that should be severed.”

“The Soul has to hold on in as much as possible to the partial commandment of things, and should matters lead it in the directions of the Wholly Commandment, it should pacify with content and feel secured by it, for by that it had been freed from the weight of care and consideration.”

“The Moon is reflective so long as the Sun Light gets through to it. Should the shadow of the earth happens to come between them, the moon would eclipse and grow dark. And so is the Soul, as long as the Light of the Mind gets to it, it is bright and illuminant, however, should the causes of the universe and corruption mediate between them, the soul looses its light and, consequently it is eclipsed and darkened. And just as does the possibility of the Moon’s eclipse remain as long as the earth is centered in the middle, so is the Soul, as long as it hangs on to nature, it will not rule out the possibility of darkness and harm. Thus the Soul’s comfort is in departing the world of nature.”

“The Mind to the Soul is like The Father, and nature to it is like The Wife, and to the soul are two sides towards which it leans, one instance it leans towards the Mind on acquaintance as that which is in between the Father and the Son, and this is the normal and Real Mind, and another instance it leans towards nature upon desire, as does a Lover who is fond of his Wife, and this is the Temporal Perishable Mind. “

“The Soul does to nature the meanings of what the First Cause does to it.”

“The Mind is the head of all the creatures and the images of creation that are below it, and He is its’ holder and organizer. As does nature manages the things that are below it by the power of the Mind, the Mind manages nature by the Divine Power, since it surmounts the Natural Worlds and What is beyond nature, I mean the Soul, because the Soul is beyond nature, for, Nature surmounts the universe, and the Soul surmounts nature, and the Mind surmounts the Soul, and the Mind thus surmounts all things.”

“Thus, the Soul acquaints the first cause, for it looks up towards surmounting all the things that the greatest kingdom contains. And it will never rest or be content without arriving at the mental world with all what is in it. The Soul cannot reach The Cause Maker (God) without The Cause of all Causes The Mind.