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Knowing “El-Hdoud”

“El-Hdoud” is the Arabic word from “LIMITS”, and the Ancient Druze Wisdom revolves around knowledge of “El-Hdoud”.

To seek God without knowing “El-Hdoud” (The Sacred LIMITS) means falling into the net of he who refused to bow down before the Wisdom of God’s Appearance in the Adamic Limits, and hence, proposed to set his own limits of what God is.

This is what otherwise known as the most original form of evil that is deeply embedded in the Soul’s method of seeing Reality.

Once the soul understands the Wisdom behind “The LIMITS”, it can no longer ever feel responsible for any wrongdoing, simply because, Adam is Adam, and He is forever content with not being the God of his own Destiny, and that is why GOD has entrusted Him to HIS Secret.

As for he who refused to bow down before Adam, and could not see in God’s Choice to appoint Adam beyond the deceiving Image of Adam’s Power of Position, he was given all the power in the world to prove his vision of Adam’s Power, and there is no ending to what he desires to prove save spiritual torment and human suffering.

He was given all the power to create the God of his own Destiny – to play the Hero of his own Story, yet he used all the power granted to him to fight Adam and chase after the Children of Adam; for, he who has not known the Law cannot survive without  opposing it. Man is truly the enemy of what he is Ignorant of. 

And the Devil thought that by contradicting Adam’s Reality he would have won a war against God, but in truth he have only won a war against his own reality which cannot transcend the Adamic Limits. For, the God that he created as a result of his aeon-long distorted imitation of Adam’s words and actions without knowing the meaning that has inspired those expressions, assumes power over men and accumulates weapons and supervise armies, yet he is scared of any Adamic Expression that reminds him of what he fears in his own self. He is scared of his own ignorance of the identity of Adam.

He was given the Miraculous Benefits of Free Will that can only be described today through myth and legend. He was given forms of power that could only be understood today as Magic. And once upon a time, in the forgotten memory of earth’s experience, those powers were used for the wrong reasons.

Cycle after another, age after the other and life following another, he used and abused those powers in his bitter chase until he lost them. In this final cycle, he could no longer fight the star wars of his lost memory. A glorious past that was once his reality is now only expressed in Film & Fiction in the City of Lost Angels (Lost Angeles).

“Thahab” is the Arabic word for Gold and it also means “GONE”. “Gone” today stands as the symbol of his Spiritual Fall. It is the Power that he utilizes today as a final attempt to wrap his fallen destiny with the destiny of Adam, after it was once meaningless in comparison to the Spiritual Powers he possessed.