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Here & Now or Never

“Blessed with the serenity of eternity is he who believed and therefore was secured, and thus, he entered the city of beauty and sat on the divans of Pytha the numerical, Parmen the infinite, Democ the tranquil, Socra the Village of the Aeon, Pla the Shadow, Aris the Cause, Plo the Light, Eamply the Overflow” (The Ancient Druze Wisdom)

Look for the wisdom of the “Here & Now”…

Look for “Heaven” here on earth or keep looking forever…; and remember, “Forever” means “Hell”, also here on earth.

Behold, the secrets of the heavenly have always been revealed by the earthly in an eternal flux of NOW that you have never stopped witnessing, not in this life, neither in your countless past lives;

And the fact that you are absent from seeing this truth exists only to remind you when you see it that you are present.

Beware the trick of TIME. Beware, the past and the future, they have always hinted at a NOW that is the reality you cannot Hide from: Your SELF.

Pla-the Shadow (Plato):

Existence = Two Basic Realms

1, The Realm of Eternity = HEAVEN
2, The Realm of Space & Time = EARTH

The Realm of Eternity:

The Absolute Realm of the Wholly Mind or the Spirit.  This realm is The Precedent, however, not by any criterion that pertains to space and time, before and after etc...

It precedes not in the sense that it was created at a time prior to the creation of the other realm, but as would the meaning of an apple precedes the apple’s shape or color; yet the apple is seen at once, and its shape and color are viewed simultaneously, since they are inseparable parts of the scene.

The Realm of Space & Time:

This realm is The Successor in the very same sense explained above. In other words, it is not a successor because it was non-existent at one time and then later came to exist at another, it is a successor in the sense that its existence has always been inferior to the existence of the first.

So, to begin with, let it be clear unto you that heaven and earth are essentially united in an eternal Here & Now.

Understanding the logic of such unity is what Tawhid means.

The key to such understanding is The Adam Element , because it is set somewhere in between eternity and space & time. Its inner world of the Spirit somehow reflects eternity, and its exterior world of the Body somehow reflects space & time. What is then the mediatory element between the two worlds? The Soul, which is represented by the nature of thought.

Thought has eternal attributes to it, since it is more spirit-like than body-like. However, it is always in motion and change reflecting the conditions of the body in space & time.

Soul is then Eve who the world blames for the famous Fall of Adam.

This fall, according to the Ancient Wisdom, symbolically represents the constraint of Adam (The Spirit) within the body.

However, Soul (Eva or Sophia) contained this problem. Eve means Hawaa in Arabic. Hawaa comes from the Arabic verb Ihtawa, which means To Contain. The Spirit remained in its resting place in the Thought of the Father, and the Soul became the conscious part of man that:

1, in as long as it utilizes space & time to recollect its ancient resting place in the Spirit, it can free itself from the entanglements of the ancient Temptation (Thought) and rise with the body into miraculous experiences on earth that reflect heaven in eternity.

2, If it assumes the position of the Actor rather than the Receiver and utilizes the energies of space & time to prove its own power and further the effect of thought on man's reality, it shall face eternal death on earth through miserable experiences while it is still alive in a body and forever.

This is the story of Adam & Eve, Heaven & Hell. And if you say, "but there must be some other way for the soul, some ethereal world that it can rise to (as a spirit) without the body and experience punishment or reward", we say to you:

Adam's Fall is God's Reality and not the Devil's. The Devil prided himself thinking that he is responsible for Adam's Fall, believing that he can prove his effect on Adam's status in heaven through causing man's misery on earth, as if he himself is not on earth as well and is bound to taste the cup of his own works, or as though once he could no longer bare earth's misery, he could somehow rise into some other realm. This has always been the Devil's greatest sin, his fear of Reality which he built empires of armies to protect.

Not knowing that Adam's reality on earth is God's will and not his, and it serves a higher purpose than what he believed it served when he laughed at the possibility of God placing his BIG Secret in little Adam. He saw earth as a punishment for Adam, a portrayal of Adam's fall and his own role in it, while Adam knew from the start that God's reality did not remain outside Adam's reality and that behind Adam's dual nature and his condition on earth lies a Wisdom-Unbelievable, and that earth is God's destiny, in-where all God's works from punishments or rewards shall fall.

Hypothetical Dialogue Between Parmenides & Plato:


Blessed is Eternity. Blessed is that Eternal Silence. Blessed is God, the One that has no beginning and no end, no shape and no color, no Limits…


But, Such One is like space or Ether. It is Formless – almost like nothingness to think about.

In order to relate Eternity it to Existence, Plato had to subject it into knowledge and relate this knowledge to an Adamic capability which is conception or thought.

In other terms, any form of existence (Even God’s Existence), cannot ever relate to existence as Adamics should know it if it remains beyond the Adamic ability to know. It would then be, as blessed Plato states above in quote: Nothingness.

It is only through comprehending this Ancient Law that one can Understand the Doctrine of the Appearance of God in Human Image.

Hence, the ancient wisdom draws the LIMITS of existence (of eternity or any other form of existence) to what can be known through the Adam-condition. Believing in existence of God, without believing in the possibility of ever seeing the Image of God by the Adamic standards of sight (The Senses) is another way of denying the Existence of God. This is why it has never been a logical necessity for souls to rise into a different realm or some unknown world to face God.

And from here, it is not so hard to understand anymore why God created Adam in his liking and empowered him over all other creatures (including the “Angels”). Because, through the Adamic Presence, God drew the LIMIT to His Absence. So, nothing that a soul can ever expect from God falls outside the circle of Adam or earth's experience.

According to the Ancient Sacred Dialect, “God wished to be known, and thus he created Adamics, and through him they came to know HIM”, and from the womb of this wish the most ancient duality was born: the duality that characterizes the nature of Adam: Spirit & Body with a possibility of knowledge named “Soul” or “Vision”. It is as if God split his Self into A Knower and he called it “Spirit” & into The Known and he called it “Body” and endowed the Spirit with Eve or Sight to fulfill in sequence the view that Adam is seeing all at once.

To understand this point, try to conceive of yourself, then ask yourself: who is the part of me that is conceiving and who is the part of me that is being conceived?

Then Imagine, that in between the dialect that goes on between you and yourself lies all the possibilities – lies everything that God had ever created. Understand then that within the Limits of the Adamic actions in space and time, embedded are all the possibilities of heaven & hell.

So, when you see images of human suffering in this world do not ever imagine that there is another world out there waiting for you if things ultimately get worse on earth. Instead, work at freeing your own sight from the effects of suffering - work at freeing your own reality from the dialogue of suffering, and understand that what you do on the One-to-One (Me-facing-Myself) level is so closely linked to what you see in the grand picture of reality. Free yourself and the whole world will conspire to provide you with images of freedom. Carry your own image, be responsible of your own actions, do not expect the world to value this responsibility and you will cross the fires of this world barefooted. Carry the images of what the others think of your actions and how they see you, you will burn forever in the fire of fear of the unknown Judge, because in the Ultimate Reality and the Truth-in-Finality there is no room but for ONE SELF SPEAKING TO ITSELF THROUGH  ITSELF.

So, decide Here & Now whether you want to Exist in the Eye of the KNOWER here on earth or whether you want to be a non-existent aspect of the KNOWN also here on earth.