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Resisting that which You Fear Being Ignorant of

Suffering to the enlightened soul is a trial that tests its ability to benefit from spiritual conditions and sharpens its view of the world and where it is heading towards.

Suffering is a guide that escorts El-Mowahid along the path until the time when the collective thoughts and emotions of El-Mowahideen unite to celebrate the end of the strife between their unified interior and the illusion that the world has come to represent on the exterior.

Treatment of the suffering soul is the most ancient form of politics, and it is based on patience. Patience is not a mysterious spiritual power. Patience it has its rules. Authentic patience is based on the ability to see the wisdom behind suffering and to link the causes of suffering, not to the state of being but to the way sight interprets this state, which projects the soul (or the interpretive self) into one-to-one responsibility for what is happening: GUILT.

To have patience means to be willing to understand the cause of the soul’s suffering. To be willing to understand while you are suffering is counter-effect to the identity of suffering which feeds on an ancient form of ignorance.

Dealing as such with pain of suffering is a much wiser and much more honorable politics than taking the drug of diplomacy, because, the diplomatic is forever absent from the role that his behavior plays in the complete picture that is his Ultimate Truth.

Understanding the way to treat the soul brings one closer to the Limit of suffering, The Intelligent Mind, otherwise referred to in the Ancient Wisdom as the Wholly Mind, the Spirit, the Inner Sun, the Alpha Power, the Adam Within or the Christ, the door to God.

To knock on the door of the Intelligent Mind is the only action that is capable of justifying suffering, because it produces an form of pleasure that is relative to Sight. In other words, it has an immediate effect on the grammar of events, unlike other behavioral acts of repentance which promise a reward sometime somewhere in some unknown heaven.

Not knowing the LIMITS of suffering can only mean more suffering.

Not knowing the LIMITS means:

Falling into the net of he who refused to bow down before the wisdom behind Adam's suffering, and hence, proposed to set his own limits, coloring the Soul-in-Body experience with a sense of guilt, from which derived is the famous religious definition of sin as being related to the body and everything that is sensed - a sin that ultimately paralyzes human potentiality to counter the evil actions on earth with a creative force - a sin that indirectly delivers earth to the Devils to do as they wish with it and exchange its chances on earth with some unknown currency related to an unknown world.

Once the soul accepts the Wisdom behind Adam's Suffering, it can no longer feel responsible for any wrongdoing, simply because, Adam is Adam, and He is forever content with not being the God of his own destiny, and that is why GOD has entrusted Him to HIS Kingdom.

As for he who refused to bow down before Adam, and could not see God’s Strength behind the deceiving Image of Adam’s suffering, he was given all the power in the world to prove his view of an Alternative Strong God, and there is no ending to what he desires to prove save more ignorance and confusion.

He was given the Tablet of History in order to draw on its own Limits – to play in it the Adam of its own Story, yet he used history's power to fight that which he fears being ignorant of - chasing after the Children of Adam.

Darkness after all is forever dependent on the Light to prove its nonexistent identity. 

And the Children of Darkness thought themselves that by doing so they would have won a war against God, but in truth they have only won a war against themselves.

For, the God that they obeyed as a result of their aeon-long distorted immitations of Adamic words and actions, without knowing the hidden meaning that inspires those expressions, assumes power over men and resources and accumulates weapons and supervise armies, yet he is scared of any humble Adamic gaze that pierces through his delusional reality.

He was given forms of power that can only be known today in myths and legends – the power of magic that once upon a time in the forgotten memory of earth’s experience was used – the sorcery that was used back in Atlantis & Gemorah by the Children of Darkness against the Children of Light.

Cycle after another, Age after the other and life following life, they used and abused the power of free will in their bitter chase until they lost it. They could no longer fight the star wars of their lost memory, back in the eden of time.

Gold today stands as the symbol of their weakness. It is the cheap currency that they use as a final attempt to wrap their fallen destiny with the destiny of the Children of Adam. The Arabic term for Gold is “Thahab”, which unsurprisingly means: GONE.