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Falling into Eve-ends

Does a child desire or fear The Possibility in the event? Does a child await anxiously the happening of a given event in order to secure a perspective in life or position of some sort?


Because the child simply Witnesses the event.

And the event, when seen through the eye of the witness, does not threaten one’s fame of being. It is almost as if the event, however bad it may be, when seen through the eye of the witness, becomes a feature of the experience of sight, and not anywhere near threatening the security of being itself. 

As long as one’s frame of being is secured, optimism endures. And as long as the subject transcends judgmental or interpretive sight, his secure position as a witness is preserved.

What challenges the witness in man?

It is man's behavioral tendency to subdue the witness to the grammar of the scene being witnessed - to enter the scene of an event as an actor using that which he know as a witness for the purpose of gaining importance - becoming witnessed himself. So, what is he then investing in? More and more behavioral confusion, since he is counting on the continuous absence of the Original Eye which sees his role in the scene from the perspective of his original position and exposes this role for the lie it represents in relation to the Truth-in-Finality.

This choice which man takes on the level of Thought results in a sequential behavioral effect similar to the circles produced by a pebble when thrown unto the ocean on a calm day. His behavioral acts in the scene help fulfill outdated forms and meanings which he had already known as a witness to the scene. It is like stepping into a story which one already knows its ending only to enjoy playing a role in it, slowly loosing touch with the element that made one like the story to begin with.

One's acts in the scene gradually expresses the pain of his departure from his ultimate reality as a witness. Such pain colors the logic of events and the story, subjecting sight to the weight of temporal causality, dispiriting the soul with the activity of linking events in accord to a system of meaning ruled by “before & after” “the antecedent and the consequent until reality grows to resemble history (a sequence of wars and conflict without any cause or explanation).

Look at the world as it is now. It is nothing but a story that revolves around the Spiritual Fall of the Soul from the Heaven of Adam (The Wholly Witness) through a form of sight that utilizes the witness's power to depart away from the witness's truth, just like a moon utilizing the sunlight in the darkness to appear as though it is the source of light itself. Everyone desires to become the Christ of his own story, and that is why Christ (The Wholly Mind) said: "He who knows the difference between me and the father could not be subjected to the Religious Illnesses and the Contagious Diseases (Faulty Spiritual Directions) from which partake the Eternal Death..." (The Ancient Wisdom).

Consider the following:

Existence through intuition, without the element of interpretation, is absolute and immaculate, with both a Mental & an External evidence which is unequaled, unrivaled unexampled.

While existence, when taken up by thought and subjected to definition or interpretation, produces through Thought an indefinite image of a contrary called: nought non-existence. This mysterious image at its essence is responsible for all the negativity that thought builds up around the Destiny of a Soul in Time.

If anything this should prove that only through thought, there rises some form of existence to non-existence = The Scary Image of the Unknown.

And in the depths of such form of vision lies the Unforgivable Sin and the only sin to which divine punishment is applicable, because the weight of such punishment cannot be sensed save through such view of reality which shakes the very foundation of man’s being and threatens to lasts as long as thought does. And there is no punishment greater than being ignorant of such sin, which is equal to: Constant lack of belief in the absolute polarity between existence and non-existence or (in other words) the banishing nature of existence to non-existence.

He who seeks the meaning of existence through anything foreign to his own Adamic Presence right here right now, stays up throughout the nights following events with his naked eyes, not knowing that the pain of waiting is all what awaits him. And such pain, unlike happiness, when exposed more and more to the weight that time imposes upon sight, it is bound to increase.

On the other hand, existence through the eye of a witness is indisputable, and the happiness is from what the witness derives from the meanings of existence through the comfort he derives from knowing that he is only witnessing the scene and not from the thoughts that interpret the importance of his role as an actor in it.

For, “Existence is not Mental neither External, otherwise there would’ve been an existence to existence. Thus, there was the saying that the source of this existence is like no other thing out there…” (The Fifth Special Science)

Interpretation is thus a Psychological Work (Psyche: the negative side of soul) that opposes spiritual oneness, which is the state of the soul not being divided with the sequence of events.

Because the sequence of an event which takes place on the level of thought is consequent or latent to the actual event and its logic operates on a level of causality that is forever dependant on the previous and the next, just like the Negative of a Photographic Film.

True Existence is the spirit behind every motion. It is authentically ancient, not by virtue of being the most first-time cause traceable, it is ancient in the sense that it precedes the event in form or essence, as do the “number” precedes “two” or the concept “fruit” precedes the concept “apple”.

Hence, true existence is a more like a complete picture that does not require time and matter to be fulfilled or to be proven. Otherwise, its ancientness would not have been authentic, because it would’ve always been subject to be new in relation to something that precedes it.

As for the Ancientness that pertains to the time-element or the order of events, it is not a characteristic of reality, but rather, it is the characteristic of the way sight interprets reality.

For, thought that revolves around sight is forever under the mercy of the way sight is directed and thus, it is forever “temporal” in relation to the eternal nature of sight.