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Existence =Quals Vision

Ether & Light parallel Being & Sight

Ether Without Light = Nothingness

Being Without Sight = Nothingness

Existence without the Adam-Element (which is Vision) is Similar to the Substance of Ether = NOTHINGNESS

Adam is The Wholly Mind

Existence with the Adam-Element = Knowledge

Knowledge = A Form of Adamic VISION of Existence

VISION = the Light of Existence

Thus, that part of God which is, when conceived by the Mind, is similar to the Substance of Ether, is irrelative to the Adam-Element, because it is beyond knowledge.

As you will discover, Eve (The Soulís) Desire to step beyond the Adam-Element in order to see that part of God which is beyond Vision is the most ancient form of Evil. It is symbolized by the Adamic Fall and is responsible for manís absence from true-sight.

The Adamic Fall = The Realm of The Soulís Activity = The Realm of Thought

Eve = The Wholly Soul

Thus, let it be clear unto you that what is relative to the Adam-Element is symbolized by that Part in Ether which pertains to VISION = LIGHT. It is never symbolizes by Ether. This is why Plato did not include Space in his World of Forms. Rather, Platoís Highest Form is the Sun in Space, because without the Sun, vision of any kind is not possible to begin with.

The Wisdom is another term for the Light of Existence transmitted by the Sun of Wisdom Adam (The Wholly Mind).

Without the SUN, there is no Light, and hence, no VISION

Without the Wholly Mind, there is no Image of Existence, and hence, no Knowledge of any form in space & time.

Godís Eternal Word to the Wholly Mind (Adam) = ďHe who bow before You, has bowed before ME, and He who refuses to bow before You, has refused to bow before MEÖĒ

He who acknowledges the Hidden cause of Vision (That is the Light), acknowledges that Godís Existence, without the Mind-Element, is similar to Etherís Existence without the Vision-Element: Simply Irrelevant to Knowledge.

ďI was a Hidden treasure, I wished to be known, so I created Adamics and through me they Knew meĒ (The Sacred Dialect)

God is the Cause of Existence, and God, according to the Sacred Dialect, created Existence in order to be known. He emanated an Image of His Self to His SELF in Eternity, and this emanation translated in the secondary realm of existence (which is the Adamic realm) - the birth of the most ancient duality that is responsible for the essence of knowledge: The Duality of The Seer and The Seen.

It is as if God, like a man contemplating his own self, split His Self into two, A Seer and A Seen. However, there remained a part of God which is beyond this duality and above both. This part is Transcendent. It is Absolute Consciousness to what is hidden behind both parts of the duality.

The Seer in this sacred duality translated into Adam (The Wholly Mind), and The Seen into an Image of God that appeared in Adam's liking. However, this image, if not seen through the Unified Vision of Adam and in the light of God's original purpose behind Existence, it becomes concealed out of sight, and the result is the birth of the Faulty Perspective of the Soul, Eve, which is that part of Adam or Vision which tends to step outside God's Eye (The Wholly Mind) and make Adam its object of sight instead of God's Image. This part's salvation depends on its ability to return to God's Eye and melt in Adam's Perspective.

Adam is a more essential part in the sacred duality of sight, the same way as vision is a more essential part of seeing than that which falls in its scope of sight. Understanding this point leads to understanding The Unforgivable Aspect of Eve's Sin: Vision's tendency to melt in what it sees and forget its importance in the duality of Sight.

For example, so long as man is not aware of how others are perceiving him, he performs actions purely for the pleasure of sight. Once he grows aware to The Other factor and to his image in the eye of this Other, he steps outside seeing things and he becomes a behavioral performance.