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Excerpts Translated from the Original Arabic Text of
the Ancient Wisdom

The Mind projected an image of His Self to His Self in the Hayulic Existence (The Original Substance of Existence), and then The Mind looked at the meanings of His own Self and its images. And thus, he is enchanted by what he sees in His Self though His Self, for his joy is from what he receives of His Self-truth by His own Self, and not by anything that he acquires from outside His Self...And this is the Eternal Joy of Righteousness.

The Mind, if He wills to comprehend a given thing, he singles it out from the rest, and grasps it apart from what is comparable to it, then he apprehends it as One through the Oneness of His mighty Self, because, as do the senses cannot identify the Oneness in a thing, the Mind cannot discern the multiplicity or compositeness in a thing, or give it the right form of understanding without singling out its meanings, distinguishing each genus that enters them as a one in itself.

It then has come to appearance that the senses, which are of a composite nature, have a handle on composite things, and that the mind, which is One, single and of a simple nature, apprehends things that are One and single and simple. The soul (which is the mental element i.e. the entity responsible for thought), in as much as it is driven by compositeness, departs away from the state of unity and from the unified vision of things (The Wholly Mind or Spirit); and in as much as it departs from compositeness, it detects and surmounts the composite and temporal things.

The Power of the Mind is more unified than the secondary creations that come after Him, for they cannot reach knowledge of Him. The Mind is as such, because he is a cause to the creations beneath Him, and the proof to this is that the Mind is the organizer of all the things imagined and represented through the divine power in Him which He emanates and through which He takes hold over things… This is because, that which precedes and causes things controls those things, and nothing bypasses His mighty power.

The Soul: Sight that falls Between the Realm of Mind & the Realm of Body

In the darkness, though perceivable objects exist within the reach of sight, sight passes them by and falls short of seeing them; and should the illuminating Light hit upon sight, it helps sight perceive the objects of its vision and senses which were before that beyond appearance, and so the Light is the element that drives Sight into seeing the Objects and completes sight’s perception of those objects, bringing the objects within sight into actuality after the objects were out there in potentiality. And so, as long as sight’s vision is secured through the Light, all the objects of its perception remains within its reach and comprehension. And should sight loose that Light, and should darkness take over again, sight would return to loose all its objects of senses. And if Light were to be secured forever, perception would be secured forever. Light is emanated by the Mind and darkness by the body.

Among the souls is the Mind-aided Soul. It is so for being linked to its Cause forever. The Father of the soul and Her Cause is the Mind. And the Mind’s steadiness, strength and shimmering lights are emanated to Him in turn by His FATHER, the Absolute Goodness (The Cause Maker): The Creator.

The Cause Maker is the Absolute Goodness (Praise be His Name), and The Authentic Mind is the emitter of HIS Light; and is this Light reaches the receptive Soul, it is translated through the Power of Word (The Third Power) into images and Forms.