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The Forbidden Fifth Science:

The Fifth Science is an ancient Druze manuscript that consists of densely compact paragraphs of high philosophical and cognitive value.
According to The Unique Fifth Science, the MIND perceives existence in an inverted mode reminiscent of the way in which the eye receives an image before sending it to the brain to set it straight.
The Fifth Science reveals the cognitive mechanism of such perceptual error and its metaphysical dimensions tracing its origins to a behavioral tendency relative to the mind's ancient relationship with THE ONE, (both as a Concept and as a Number).
To override the gravitational impact of such tendency (symbolized in most religious texts by the alleged Adamic Fall from Eden), the MIND must deactivate its deceptive logic that has been for centuries nourished by the poisoned apple of the mental & religious ego.
This work is the fruit of more than ten years of seclusion, dedicated to deciphering the riddles of a few number of pages that I found worth trading a whole world of career opportunities for.

A Breeze of that Spirit that came from Beloved Egypt
One of The Sacred Hymns of Hermes Trismegistus
A Wise Man in his Wisdom Asked
Aris-the-Cause" (Aristotle) on Time
Behold, the Battle Lies Within You
Being =quals Sight
Between Absolute and Relative Karma
Characteristics of Eternity

The Wisdom of the Passer By
Excerpts Translated from the Original Arabic Text of the Ancient Wisdom
Existence =Quals Vision
Falling into Eve-ends
Resisting that which You Fear Being Ignorant of
Here & Now or Never
Knowing El-Hdoud
Light on the Nature of Darkness
Of the Treatise of the Great Seth
Excerpts from the  Wisdom of Mawlana Hermes of all Hermeses
Soul & Time
Strengthening the Will to Understand the Language of Light
Survivors of the Ancient Battle
The Five Colors of the Druze Flag
The Future becomes You
On the Reasons Behind Punishment & Reward for the Souls
The Logic Behind Evil Behavior
The Logic Behind Reality
The Logic of the Unique Fifth Science
The Meaning of Eternal Judgment
The Night of Departure from Eternity
The Point of Departure from Reality
The Simple Truth of Adam
The Wisdom of Adam
Thoughts Eternal
To You who Suffers in the Name of Truth
Too Distracted by the Frame
The Second Treatise of the Great Seth